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Bari (ITBRI)

Bari, Pulia Region, Italy

Port Code ITBRI Port Name Bari
City Bari Country/Region Italy
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 41.136565 Longitude 16.85811
Bari Port (port code: ITBRI) is one of the most important commercial ports to enter the Balkan Peninsula and Middle East markets. Located on the southeast coast of Italy, on the Adriatic coast, it is considered Europe's gateway to the Balkans and the Middle East.
Covering an area of approximately 115 hectares, the port consists of two seaports: the old port and the new port. The latter was built in 1850 and can accommodate any kind of ships, including large cargo ships.
Sheltered by two breakwaters which can accommodate vessels and tankers loading and discharging, the port is equipped for every type of commercial traffic: liquid and solid, bulk cargoes, containers, packaged goods, iron and steel products, forestry products and passengers (ferry terminal and cruise terminal).
The port handles about 5.1 million tons of cargo and 20,000TEU annually. The principal imports entering this port include crude oil, bulk chemicals, grain, iron and steel products, timber, livestock, raw hides and general cargo. The main exports leaving this port include oil products, wine, vegetable oils, processed fruit, cement and almonds.
Each year around 3,500 vessels and 1.85 million passengers visit this port. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels, accounting for about 43%; and sailing vessels, taking up around 26%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 334 meters. The maximum draught is 11.6 meters. The maximum deadweight is 81,712t.

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