shipping terms

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Abaft the beam Abaft Abandon Abatement Abeam Aboard Above board Above-water hull Abroad Absentee Pennant Absolute Bearing Absortion Acceptance of Goods Acceptance Accessorial Charges Accessorial service Accommodation Ladder Account Party/Accountee Accrual Acknowledgement of Receipt Acquiescence Acquittance Act of God Act of Man Act of Pardon / Act of Grace Ad Hoc Charter Ad Valorem Duty Ad Valorem Freight Ad Valorem Admiral Admiralty Court Admiralty Law Admiralty Adrift Advance Against Documents Advance Note Advance Advanced Charge Adventure Advice of Shipment Advice, Letter of Advising Bank Advisory Capacity Affiliate Affreight Affreightment, Contract of Afloat Aft Afternoon Watch Agency Agreement Agency Fee Agency Tariff Agent (Agt.) Agent Aggregate Shipment Agreed Valuation Agreed Weight Aground Ahead Ahoy Ahull Aids to Navigation Air Freight Forwarder Airfreight Handling Fees Airline Terminal Fee AIS-base Station All commodity rate All Hands All In All Night In All Risk All Water Allision Allotment Allowance All-Risk Clause All-Risk Insurance Aloft Alongside Also Notify Party Alternative Rates Ambient Temperature Amendment Amidships Anchor ball Anchor Buoy Anchor Chain or Anchor Cable Anchor Chain/Anchor Cable Anchor Detail Anchor Light Anchor Rode Anchor Watch Anchor Anchorage Anchor's Aweigh Andrew Anti–Dumping Duty Any Time Apparent Authority Apparent Good Order Apparent Wind Appraisement Appraiser's Stores Arbitrage Arbitrary Arbitration Clause Arbitration Arc of Visibility Armament Arrest Arrival Date Arrival Notice Articles of War Ashore Asset-Based Third Party Provider Assignment of Proceeds Astern Asylum Harbour Athwartships Avast - Stop Average Adjusters Average Inventory Average Avoirdupois Pound Awash Aweigh Awkward cargo Aye, aye Azimuth Circle Azimuth Compass A.B.(Able Seaman) A.B.S(American Bureau of Shipping) A.S.D.I.C.(Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee) A.W.W.L.("Always Within Institute Warranties Limits") AA(Always Afloat) AAR(Against All Risks) AB(Able Bodied Seamen) ABI(Automated Broker Interface) ABS(American Bureau of Shipping ) ACL(Atlantic Container Line) ACP(Autoridad del Canal de Panama) Acquiescence ACS / ACE(Automated Commercial System) ACS(Anglian Container Services) ADN AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) AES(Automated Export System) AFR(Advance Filing Rule) AFTKs(Available Freight Tonne Kilometers) AG(General Average) AI(All inclusive rate) AI(All Inclusive ) AID(Agency for International Development) AIS(Automatic Identification System) AMS(Automated Manifest System) ANSI X-12 ANSI(American National Standards Institute) AOV(Average Order Value) AP(Particular Average) API(Application Programming Interface ) AQ(Any-Quantity) AQI(Agriculture Quarantine Inspection) AS(Assignment ) ASP(Average Selling Price) ASYCUDA(Automated System for Customs Data) AT(American Terms) ATA Carnet(Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission) ATA(American Trucking Association/Actual Time of Arrival) ATD(Actual Time of Departure) ATD(Artificial Tween Decks) ATDNSHINC (Any Time Day or Night Sundays & Holidays Included) ATON(Aid to Navigation) ATR-Certificate(ATR-Movement Certificate) AWB(Air Waybill) AWWL(Always Within Institute Warranties Limits)
B/L Port of Discharge Back and fill Back haul Backstays Baggywrinkle Balance of Trade Ballast Bank Guarantee Bank Banker's Acceptance Banyan Baplie Bar pilot Bar Barcode Barcode, 2-D Bareboat Charter Bareboat Barge Barratry Barrelman Barter Base Port Base Rate Basing Points Bay Plan Beaching Beacon Beam ends Beam Bear down or bear away Bear Bearing Beating Beaufort Scale Before the mast Belay Belaying pins Belly Cargo Benchmarking Bend Bending-moment Beneficiary Bermudan rig Berne Gauge Berth Liner Service Berth or Liner Terms Berth Terms Berth (moorings) Berth (sleeping) Berth Best Bower (anchor) Best Practice Bilge keels Bilge Bilged on her anchor Bill of Exchange Bill of Health Bill of Material Bill of Sale Bill to Party Billed Weight Bimini top Bimmy Binder Binnacle list Binnacle Bitt Bitter End Blanket Bond Blanket Rates Block Stowage Blue Peter Board Boat Boat-hook Boatswain or bosun Bobstay Bobtail Bogie Bolero Bollard Bolster Bond Port Bonded Goods Bonded Warehouse - Export Bonded Warehouse - Import Bonded Warehouse Bonded Booby Hatch Booking Number Booking Boom Vang or Vang Boom Booms Bottom Air Delivery Bottom Side Rails Bottomry Bow Thrusters Bow Bowline Bowse Bowsprit Box Car Box Rate Box Boxing the compass Brail Brake Breakbulk Bridge Point Bridge Bring to Broaching-to Broken Stowage Broker Brokerage Licence Brokerage Brussels Tariff Nomenclature Buffer Stock Buffer Bulk Cargo / Bulk Freight Bulk Freight Container Bulkhead Bull Rings Bulwark Bumboat Bumpkin or Boomkin Bunker Charge Bunker Surcharge Bunker Bunkers Bunting Tosser Buntline Buoy Buoyancy Buoyed up Bureau Veritas Buyer's Market By and large By the board B/L or BOL(Bill of Lading) B2B(Business-to-Business) B2C(Business-to-Consumer) BAF(Bunker Adjustment Factor) BB(Ballast bonus) BBL(Barrel) BCO(Beneficial cargo owner) BE(Bill of Entry) BHP(Brake horsepower) BIA(Business Impact Analysis) BIIB(Business Idea In Brief) BIMCO(Baltic and international maritime council) BMPH(Berth Moves Per Hour) BOF/BAS(Basic Ocean Freight) BXA(Bureau of Export Administration)
Cabotage Cargo Bays Cargo Insurance Cargo Manifest Carrier's Certificate Cell Certificate of Origin Chassis Claim Tracer Clean On Board Combined Transport Bill of Lading Commercial Invoice Commodity Common Point Common Tariff Company Guarantee Conference Consignee Consignor Consolidation Consular Invoice Container Seals Container Service Charge Container Contract Carrier Control Core Competency Cross-border E-Commerce Cross-Docking Customs clearance Customs Entries Customs House Broker Cut-Off Time Cycle Count Cycle Time Reduction Cycle Time C&E(Communications & Exceptions) CAF(Cost, Assurance and Freight ) CAF(Currency Adjustment Factor) CAL(Client Access Licence) CBL(Carrier bill of Lading) CBM(Cubic Metre ) CCL(Container Cleaning Fee) CD/CY(Container Depot / Container Yard) CFD(Continuous Flow Distribution) CFR/CNF/C&F(Cost and Freight) CFROI(Cash flow return on investment) CFS(Certificate of free sales) CFS(Container Freight Station) CL(Contract Logistics) CLP(Container Load Plan) CLR(Container Load Result) CM(Contribution Margin) COA(Affreightment, Contract of/Contract of Affreightment) COD(Cash on Delivery) COD(Change of Destination) COFC(Container on Flat Car) COFL(Collapsible Flat Rack Container) COGSA(Carriage of Goods By Sea Act) CON(Congestion Surcharge) COPQ(Cost of Poor Quality) CRP(Continuous Replenishment Program ) CSF(Critical Success Factor) CSL(Container Stuffing List) CSS(Customer Satisfaction Survey) CT(Cross Trade) CTC(Critical to Customer) CTPAT(Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorist) CTQ(Critical to Quality) cwt.(Hundredweight) CY(Container Yard )
Daggerboard Damage Report Damaged Cargo Report Dangerous Goods Declaration Dangerous Goods Date Draft Davy Jones' Locker Day Beacon Dayboard Dead Leg Deadeye Deadhead Deadrise Deadweight Cargo Deadweight Ton Deadwood Deck Cargo Deck Hand Deck Supervisor Deckhead Decks Declaration of Origin Declared Value for Carriage Deconsolidation Point Deferred Payment Credit Deferred Rebate Deficit Weight Degroupage Delivery Instructions Delivery Demise Charter Demurrage Density Depot Container Depot Derrick Destination Control Statement Destination Detention Devanning Devil Seam Differential Direct Interchange Directional Light Disbursement Discharge Discrepancy Letter of Credit Displacement Hull Displacement Ton Displacement Disrate Distributor Diversion Division Dock Dockage Docket Dog watch Doldrums Dolly Dolphin Domestic Carriage Door-To-Door Downhaul Draft Bank Draft Date Draft Discounted Draft or Draught Draft Sight Draft Time Draft, Clean Drawback Drawee Dray Drayage Dressing Down Driver Driver-mast Drop off Charge Dry Bulk Container Dry Cargo Container Dry Cargo Dry Freight Dry Port Dumping Dunnage Duty Drawback Duty Free Zone Duty DA(Documents Against Acceptance) DAT(Dangerous Articles Tariff) DBA(Doing Business As) DDC(Destination Delivery Charge ) DDP(Delivery Duty Paid) DDU(Delivered Duty Unpaid) DF(Dead Freight) DGR(Dangerous Goods Requirement) DHC(Terminal Handling Service-Destination) DNV(Det Norske Veritas) DOT(Department of Transportation) DR(Dock Receipt) DW / DWT / DWAT / DWCC(Deadweight) DWC(Deadweight for cargo) DWT(Deadweight Tonnage)
Safety Stock Salvage loss Sea waybill Seal (Container) Seal record Seals, also Container Seals Seawaybill Sell-Through Service Agreement Service contract Set Point Ship chandler Ship From Address (Amazon) Ship owner Shipment Window Shipped bill of lading Shipped on board Shipper owned container Shipper Packed Shipper Shippers Export Declaration Shipper's Export Declaration Shipper's Load & Count Shipping Company Shipping order Shipping permit Ship's Chandlers Shipside Delivery Shoal Draught Shoal Shore Short cycling Short Landed Short Shipped Short Term Lease Shortage Short-Shipped Shrink Wrap Shrouds Shunting Shut-out Shuttle Service Sick Bay Side Loader Side-Door Container Siding Sight Draft Siren Sister Ships Site Skeg Skid Skids Skipper Skysail Skyscraper Sling Slop chest Slot Charter Slot Slow Steaming Slush Fund Slush Small Bower (anchor) Snow Son of a gun Sonar Sounding Sou'wester Space Charter Spanker Spanker-mast Spar Special Customs Invoice Special Delivery Fee Special Rate Spindrift Spinnaker pole Spinnaker Splice Split Shipment Split-Charter Spontaneous Ignition Temperature Spotting Spreader Square meal Squared away Squat Effect Stability Stack Car Stack Train Stack Stacking Stanchion Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Standard Industrial Classification Standard Rate Standing Rigging Starboard tack Starboard Starter Statute of Limitation Stay Staysail Steamship Agent Steering oar or steering board Stem Stern chaserStern Tube Stern Sterndrive Stevedore Stonnacky Stop Off Fee Stopper Knot Storage Charge Storage Charges Storage Store-Door Delivery Store-Door Pick-Up Stowage Instructions Stowage Plan Stowage Stowaway Straddle Carrier Straight (Consignment) Bill of Lading Straight Bill of Lading Strake Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotions Stripping Studding-sails Stuffing Subrogate Sue & Labor Clause Suezmax Sufferance Wharf Supercargo Supply air Supply Chain Surcharge Surcharges Surety Bond Surety Company SWIFT Switch Bill of Lading SAD(Single Administrative Document) SCAC(Owner Code) SCAC(Standard Carrier Alpha Code ) SCD(Supply Chain Development) SCM(Supply Chain Management) SCR(Specific Commodity Rate ) SECA(Sulphur Emissions Control Areas) SED(Standard Export Declaration) SI(Shipping Instruction) SITC(Standard International Trade Classification ) SKU(Stock Keeping Unit ) SLA(Service Level agreement) SLI(Shipper's Letter of Instruction ) SMDG(SMDG) SOLAS(Safety Of Life At Sea ) SSE(Shanghai Shipping Exchange) SSN(Standard Shipping Note) ST(Short Ton) STC( Said To Contain) STC(Said to Contain) STC(Standard Trading Terms & Conditions )
Tabernacle Tack Tacking Taffrail Tail Gate Exam Tail Tailshaft Taken aback Taking the wind out of his sails Tally Sheet Tally Tank Container Tanker Tare Weight of Container Tare Weight Tariff Engineering Tariff Quotas | Preferential or Autonomous Tarpaulin Teazer Telex release Temperature Controlled Cargo Temperature Recorder Tender Tenor Terminal Terms of carriage  T-floor Third Party Providers Through Charge Through Rate Through Rates Through Route Throughput Charge Thwart Tidal Port Tier TI-HI, also Ti-High, Tie-High, or Ti by Hi Tiller Time Charter Time Draft Time Sheet Timoneer TIR Carnet To order of Shipper Toe the line or Toe the mark Toe-rail Togey Ton Mile Ton Tonnage Tontines Top air delivery Top-Air Delivery Topgallant Topmast Topsail Topsides Total Average Inventory Total Cost of Distribution Total Quality Management Touch and go Towage Towing Tracer Tracing Track & Trace Tracking Tractor Trade Acceptance Trade Remedy Trade Traffic Separation Scheme Traffic Trailer Tramp Line Tramp Vessel Tramp Transferable Letter of Credit Tranship Transit Cargo Transit Port Transload Transloading Transmittal letter Transom Transport Transportation Transship Transshipment Port Transshipment Transtainer Travellers Trialer on flat car Trice Trick Trim Truck Onboard B/L Trucking Wait Fee Truckload True Bearing True North Trust Receipt Tug Tumblehome Turn Turnaround Turnkey Project Turtling Tweendeck Twist Lock Twist Locks Two-Way Pallet Type of Cargo Type of Equipment Type of Movement Type of Transport T&E entry(Transporation and exportation ) T.I.R. T.O.F.C. TACA(Trans-Atlantic conference agreement) TARIC(The Integrated Tariff of the European Union) TBL(Through bill of lading) TBN(To Be Nominated) TDR TEU(Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) TEU(Twenty-foot equivelant unit) THC(Terminal Handling Charge) Thru Service(Through Service ) TIR(Transport International par la Route) TMS(Transport Management System) TOFC(Trailer on Flat Car Rail) TOS TRC TRC(Terminal Receiving Charge) Trf.(Tariff ) TSN (Time-Space Network) TTW(Toestemming Tot Wegvoering) TVR(Tiem Volume Rate)
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