Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

Cargo Manifest

A cargo manifest is a list of all the cargo that is on board a cargo vessel.

What is Cargo Manifest?

A document detailing the cargo carried on a ship, often provided to a customs authority. A cargo manifest can be regarded as a passport for goods, and it is required at the custom house.

The cargo manifest may be used to ensure the cargo placed on board at the beginning of the transport continues to be on board when it arrives at the destination.

What information is included in a cargo manifest:

Operator name and details

Consignor information (name and address)

Consignee information (name and address)

Bill of Lading number

Quantity, weight, type, and description of cargo being carried

Shipping route

So a cargo manifest is a consolidated list of all the cargo that is on board, though it may be meant for several different destinations or each item may be headed to different consignees. The list of all cargo carried on the vessel will appear under the vessel name and identification marks of the vessel.

Also, a cargo manifest would list all the bills of ladings along with the above details and the total number of goods being transported shown per bill of lading. However, the individual bills of ladings will be attached to this cover sheet.

In most cases, the cost of each item is also shown. The list is prepared according to the bills of lading and the goods loaded from each port of call.