Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

Accessorial Service

A service in addition to usual liner service, normally with an added cost. Such kind of services include packing, loading, storage, etc.

What is Accessorial Service?

Accessorial services means any service performed by a mover which results in a charge to the shipper and is incidental to the transportation service, including, but not limited to, valuation coverage; preparation of written inventory; equipment, including dollies, hand- trucks, pads, blankets, and straps; storage, packing, unpacking, or crating of articles; hoisting or lowering; waiting time; long carry, which is defined as carrying articles excessive distances between the mover’s vehicle and the residence; overtime loading and unloading; reweighing; disassembly or reassembly; elevator or stair carrying; boxing or servicing of appliances; and furnishing of packing or crating materials.