Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

WDEX (Warehouse Withdrawal for Immediate Exportation)

A customs procedure allowing merchandise that has been withdrawn from a bonded warehouse at one US port to be exported from the same port without paying duty.

What is WDEX (Warehouse Withdrawal for Immediate Exportation)?

"Warehouse Withdrawal for Immediate Exportation" is a customs procedure that allows goods to be transported directly from a bonded warehouse to a port of export without being subject to duties and taxes. This procedure is typically used when goods are imported into a country and are intended for immediate export without being used or consumed domestically. By using a bonded warehouse and Warehouse Withdrawal for Immediate Exportation, importers can avoid paying duties and taxes altogether, which can help to reduce costs and improve cash flow. The Warehouse Withdrawal for Immediate Exportation procedure is subject to various rules and regulations, and must be properly documented and reported to the relevant customs authorities.