Terms & Glossaries of Shipping and Trading

TTW (Toestemming Tot Wegvoering)

"Toestemming Tot Wegvoering" is a Dutch term that refers permission from the customs authorities for the goods to be removed from customs supervision.

What is TTW (Toestemming Tot Wegvoering)?

"Toestemming Tot Wegvoering" is a Dutch term that translates to "Permission for Removal" in English. In the context of shipping, it may refer to a document or permit that is required for the removal of goods or cargo from a port or warehouse. This document may be issued by the port authority or other regulatory agency and may contain information such as the name of the shipper, the description of the cargo, and the destination of the cargo. The purpose of the document is to ensure that the cargo is being removed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to prevent unauthorized removal or theft of the cargo.