Port List by Port code starting with N

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Luderitz NALUD Feeder Port  Luderitz City Port Namibia
Windhoek NAWDH  Dry Port Windhoek City Port Namibia
Walvis Bay NAWVB Feeder Port  Walvis Bay City Port Namibia
Babouillat NCBAB Feeder Port  Babouillat City Port France
Baie de Prony NCBDB Feeder Port  Baie de Prony City Port France
Noumea NCNOU Feeder Port  Noumea City Port France
Thio NCTHI Feeder Port  Thio City Port France
Dosso NEDOS  Dry Port Dosso City Port Niger
Niamey NENIA  Dry Port Niamey City Port Niger
Norfolk Island NFNLK Feeder Port  Norfolk Island City Port Australia
Abuja NGABV  Dry Port Abuja City Port Nigeria
Akassa NGAKA Feeder Port  Akassa City Port Nigeria
Apapa NGAPPMain Port   Apapa City Port Nigeria
Badagry NGBAD Feeder Port  Badagry City Port Nigeria
Bonny NGBON Feeder Port  Bonny City Port Nigeria
Brass NGBRS Feeder Port  Brass City Port Nigeria
Burutu NGBUR Feeder Port  Burutu City Port Nigeria
Calabar NGCBQ Feeder Port  Calabar City Port Nigeria
Degema NGDEG Feeder Port  Degema City Port Nigeria
Escravos NGESC Feeder Port  Escravos City Port Nigeria
Forcados NGFOR Feeder Port  Forcados City Port Nigeria
Kaduna NGKAD  Dry Port Kaduna City Port Nigeria
Koko NGKOK Feeder Port  Koko City Port Nigeria
Lagos NGLOSMain Port   Lagos City Port Nigeria
Okrika NGOKR Feeder Port  Okrika City Port Nigeria
Onitsha NGONI Feeder Port  Onitsha City Port Nigeria
Onne NGONNMain Port   Onne City Port Nigeria
Port Harcourt NGPHC Feeder Port  Port Harcourt City Port Nigeria
Pennington Terminal NGPNT Feeder Port  Akassa Port Nigeria
Qua Iboe NGQIB Feeder Port  Qua Iboe City Port Nigeria
Sapele NGSAP Feeder Port  Sapele City Port Nigeria
Tincan NGTINMain Port   Lagos Port Nigeria
Warri NGWAR Feeder Port  Warri City Port Nigeria
Bluefields NIBEF Feeder Port  Bluefields City Port Nicaragua
Chinandega NICHI  Dry Port Chinandega City Port Nicaragua
Corinto NICIO Feeder Port  Corinto City Port Nicaragua
El Bluff NIELB Feeder Port  El Bluff City Port Nicaragua
Granada NIGRA Feeder Port  Granada City Port Nicaragua
Masaya NIMAS  Dry Port Masaya City Port Nicaragua
Managua NIMGA  Dry Port Managua City Port Nicaragua
Puerto Sandino NIPSA Feeder Port  Puerto Sandino City Port Nicaragua
Puerto Cabezas NIPUZ Feeder Port  Puerto Cabezas City Port Nicaragua
San Juan Del Sur NISJS Feeder Port  San Juan Del Sur City Port Nicaragua
Alkmaar NLAIK Feeder Port  Alkmaar City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Amsterdam NLAMS Feeder Port  Amsterdam City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Arnhem NLARN  Dry Port Arnhem City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Beverwijk NLBEV Feeder Port  Beverwijk City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Brouwershaven NLBRO Feeder Port  Brouwershaven City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Dordrecht NLDOR Feeder Port  Dordrecht City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Delfzijl NLDZL Feeder Port  Delfzijl City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Eemshaven NLEEM Feeder Port  Eemshaven City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Europoort NLEUR Feeder Port  Europoort City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Flushing(Vlissingen) NLFIU Feeder Port  Vlissingen City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Groningen NLGRO Feeder Port  Groningen City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Hansweert NLHAN Feeder Port  Hansweert City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Harlingen NLHAR Feeder Port  Harlingen City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Helmond NLHEL  Dry Port Helmond City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Hook of Holland NLHOH   Hook of Holland City Port Caribbean Netherlands
IJmuiden NLIJM Feeder Port  IJmuiden City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Kampen NLKAM Feeder Port  Kampen City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Leiden NLLDN Feeder Port  Leiden City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Leeuwarden NLLEE  Dry Port Leeuwarden City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Maassluis NLMAS Feeder Port  Maassluis City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Meppel NLMEP Feeder Port  Meppel City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Middelburg NLMID Feeder Port  Middelburg City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Moerdijk NLMOE Feeder Port  Moerdijk City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Maastricht NLMST Feeder Port  Maastricht City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Rozenburg NLROZ Feeder Port  Rozenburg City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Rotterdam NLRTMMain Port   Rotterdam City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Scheveningen NLSCH Feeder Port  Den Haag Port Caribbean Netherlands
Schiedam NLSCM Feeder Port  Schiedam City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Sluiskil NLSLU  Dry Port Sluiskil City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Sas Van Ghent NLSVG  Dry Port Sas Van Ghent City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Tilburg NLTIL  Dry Port Tilburg City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Terneuzen NLTNZ Feeder Port  Terneuzen City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Vlaardingen NLVLA Feeder Port  Vlaardingen City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Venlo NLVLO  Dry Port Venlo City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Willemstad NLWIL Feeder Port  Willemstad City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Zaandam NLZAA Feeder Port  Zaandam City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Zwolle NLZWO  Dry Port Zwolle City Port Caribbean Netherlands
Ardalstangen NOAAR Feeder Port  Ardalstangen City Port Norway
Alesund NOAES Feeder Port  Alesund City Port Norway
Aandalsnes NOAND Feeder Port  Aandalsnes City Port Norway
Arendal NOARE Feeder Port  Arendal City Port Norway
Bergen NOBGO Feeder Port  Bergen City Port Norway
Bodo NOBOO Feeder Port  Bodo City Port Norway
Brevik NOBRE Feeder Port  Brevik City Port Norway
Bronnoysund NOBRO Feeder Port  Bronnoysund City Port Norway
Drammen NODRM Feeder Port  Drammen City Port Norway
Egersund NOEGE Feeder Port  Egersund City Port Norway
Fagerstrand NOFAG Feeder Port  Fagerstrand City Port Norway
Farsund NOFAR Feeder Port  Farsund City Port Norway
Flekkefjord NOFLE Feeder Port  Flekkefjord City Port Norway
Floro NOFLO Feeder Port  Floro City Port Norway
Fredrikstad NOFRK Feeder Port  Fredrikstad City Port Norway
Glomfjord NOGLO Feeder Port  Glomfjord City Port Norway
Grimstad NOGTD Feeder Port  Grimstad City Port Norway
Halden NOHAL Feeder Port  Halden City Port Norway
Haugesund NOHAU Feeder Port  Haugesund City Port Norway
Heroya NOHER Feeder Port  Porsgrunn Port Norway
Hammerfest NOHFT Feeder Port  Hammerfest City Port Norway
Hogset NOHOG Feeder Port  Hogset City Port Norway
Holmestrand NOHOL Feeder Port  Holmestrand City Port Norway
Horten NOHOR Feeder Port  Horten City Port Norway
Hoyanger NOHOY Feeder Port  Hoyanger City Port Norway
Harstad NOHRD Feeder Port  Harstad City Port Norway
Husnes NOHUS Feeder Port  Husnes City Port Norway
Havik NOHVK Feeder Port  Havik City Port Norway
Kirkenes NOKKN Feeder Port  Kirkenes City Port Norway
Kleven NOKLE Feeder Port  Mandal Port Norway
Kopervik NOKOP Feeder Port  Kopervik City Port Norway
Kragero NOKRA Feeder Port  Kragero City Port Norway
Kristiansund N. NOKRN Feeder Port  Kristiansund City Port Norway
Kristiansand NOKRS Feeder Port  Kristiansand City Port Norway
Kvinesdal NOKVD Feeder Port  Kvinesdal City Port Norway
Langesund NOLAN Feeder Port  Langesund City Port Norway
Larvik NOLAR Feeder Port  Larvik City Port Norway
Lillesand NOLIL Feeder Port  Lillesand City Port Norway
Lodingen NOLOD Feeder Port  Lodingen City Port Norway
Mandal NOMDL Feeder Port  Mandal City Port Norway
Maloy NOMEY Feeder Port  Maloy City Port Norway
Mosjoen NOMJF  Dry Port Mosjoen City Port Norway
Malm NOMLM Feeder Port  Malm City Port Norway
Molde NOMOL Feeder Port  Molde City Port Norway
Mongstad NOMON Feeder Port  Mongstad City Port Norway
Mo i Rana NOMOR  Dry Port Mo i Rana City Port Norway
Moss NOMSS Feeder Port  Moss City Port Norway
Naersnes NONAE Feeder Port  Naersnes City Port Norway
Namsos NONAM Feeder Port  Namsos City Port Norway
Narvik NONVK Feeder Port  Narvik City Port Norway
Odda NOODD Feeder Port  Odda City Port Norway
Orkanger NOORK Feeder Port  Orkanger City Port Norway
Oslo NOOSL Feeder Port  Oslo City Port Norway
Porsgrunn NOPOR Feeder Port  Porsgrunn City Port Norway
Risor NORIS Feeder Port  Risor City Port Norway
Rorvik NORVK Feeder Port  Rorvik City Port Norway
Sandefjord NOSAN Feeder Port  Sandefjord City Port Norway
Sarpsborg NOSAR  Dry Port Sarpsborg City Port Norway
Salten NOSAT Feeder Port  Salten City Port Norway
Sauda NOSAU Feeder Port  Sauda City Port Norway
Svelgen NOSGN Feeder Port  Svelgen City Port Norway
Skien NOSKI  Dry Port Skien City Port Norway
Skudeneshavn NOSKU Feeder Port  Skudeneshavn City Port Norway
Slagen NOSLA Feeder Port  Tonsberg Port Norway
Sandnes NOSNS Feeder Port  Sandnes City Port Norway
Steinkjer NOSTE Feeder Port  Steinkjer City Port Norway
Straumen NOSTM Feeder Port  Straumen City Port Norway
Sunndalsora NOSUN Feeder Port  Sunndalsora City Port Norway
Stavanger NOSVG Feeder Port  Stavanger City Port Norway
Svelvik NOSVK Feeder Port  Svelvik City Port Norway
Svolvear NOSVO Feeder Port  Svolvear City Port Norway
Tananger NOTAE Feeder Port  Tananger City Port Norway
Thamshamn NOTHA Feeder Port  Orkanger Port Norway
Tonsberg NOTON Feeder Port  Tonsberg City Port Norway
Tromso NOTOS Feeder Port  Tromso City Port Norway
Tau NOTOU Feeder Port  Tau City Port Norway
Trondheim NOTRD Feeder Port  Trondheim City Port Norway
Tvedestrand NOTVE   Tvedestrand City Port Norway
Vadso NOVAD Feeder Port  Vadso City Port Norway