Bergen (NOBGO)

Port Code NOBGO City Bergen
Port Name Bergen Country/Region Norway
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Bergen (NOBGO)



      Norwegian port.Located in the southwest of the country in wagen Bay and Pudie Bay, northwest of the port city.The sea route is 380 nautical miles from Oslo port in the East, 102 nautical miles from Stavanger port in the south, 532 nautical miles from Rotterdam port and 588 nautical miles from Dover port.The islands outside the port are listed, and the access channel is zigzag. Generally, the ships enter from the southwest kors Bay, and the whole journey is about 24 nautical miles from kaune bay to by Bay.The port area is located in the southeast Bay of by Bay.Wagen Bay is located in the north of the port area. It is long and narrow from east to west. There are jetties and quays on both sides. In the northwest of the entrance, there is a jetty for water rail transport extending westward. The wind is calm and the waves are calm. The harbor is mainly a passenger and general cargo wharf area, with a water depth of 6-10m.Pudif Bay is close to the south, the mouth of the Bay opens to the northwest, the bay is large and deep, the wharf area is mainly distributed in the northeast coast, there are many irregular breakwaters, which is the distribution area of the port's grain and container terminals;The deep part of southeast harbor is wet harbor.The southeast Bank of askoy on the opposite bank of the above dry cargo port is the oil port area with a water depth of 10-24m.The total length of the wharf line in Hong Kong is over 8200 meters, and the water depth of the main docks is up to 10 meters. It is a good deep-water port free from freezing.Import grain, flour, coke, iron ore, oil, groceries, etc.Export fresh and dried fish products, canned fish, fish oil, etc.

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Summary of NOBGO

Bergen Port (port code: NOBGO) is a large-capacity cruise port and a gateway to the Norway’s fjords. It is located on the southwest coast of Norway, at the south end of Byfjorden, approximately 11 nautical miles from the open sea and 479 kilometers west of Oslo.
The port is well equipped to handle all types of vessels in its well sheltered harbour which is open all year round. Major offshore oil field support facilities are located within the harbour district. The port is also an important cruise destination.
The port handles approximately 96 million tons of cargo, 101,000TEU and 232,000 passengers, with 27,500 vessels annually. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels, accounting for about 27%; sailing vessels, taking up around 24%; and dredging vessels, taking a proportion of 19%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 316 meters. The maximum draught is 9.1 meters. The maximum deadweight is 45,525t.