Port Harcourt Port (NGPHC)

Port Code NGPHC City Port Harcourt
Port Name PORT HARCOURT Country/Region Nigeria
Category Port City Route WEST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Port Harcourt Port (NGPHC)


      Nigeria is the second largest port. It is an important industrial and commercial town in the southeast of China, with modern port handling equipment. It is the starting point of trunk railway and highway network in the east of Nigeria, and has convenient connection with the vast inland hinterland; Part of the import and export goods of North Central Nigeria and its neighboring countries are also transshipped through this port.
1. Port Harcourt wharf is closer to the commercial center, which is convenient for the consignee to pick up the goods.
2. The transport supporting services around Port Harcourt are more perfect.
3. Port Harcourt is free of charge for 7 days, while onne is only free for 3 days.
4. The port of onne is under severe pressure.
5. For the goods transferred to inland, the distance from onne is more distant.
      MSC to Lagos port (tincan & APAPA) and Port Harcourt are transferred through our largest hub port in West Africa, Lome. The route name is Africa express
      It is located in the east of the Niger Delta, with a maximum draught of 7.6m and a load density of 1000. The tidal range is 0.6 meters, and southwest wind prevails. Forced water diversion, VHF channel 16 for communication. The working hours last for 24 hours, and the documents required for the ship to enter the port are shown in bonry. Port service facilities are: ship repair, refueling, dry dock, small boats, medical, traction, fresh water, supplies, repatriation, no pollution. The nearest railway station and the nearest airport are at Port Harcourt. The maximum draft in the river is 7.6m, and the water depth in the front of the berth is 5.2m-7.9m. The oil tanker berth is 7.3 meters deep and 243.2 meters long. There is a water pipeline to unload oil to the shore. There are 3 berths for general cargo ships, 8.2 meters deep and about 157 meters long. There are gantry cranes on the berths. There are 2 g / n oil berths with water depth of 8.2m and length of 191.5m and 127.7m respectively. There are two bulk palm oil berths, each 133.8m long and 8.2m deep. The barge berth is 62.9 meters long and 8.2 meters deep. The coal berth is 136.8m long and 6.9m deep. The berth of shell oil company is 136.8m long and 6.9m deep. The timber berth is 136.8m long and 6.9m deep. The timber floating berth is 136.8 meters long and 6.9 meters deep. The anchorage pool is 106.4m long and 6.9m deep. The latest information about water depth should be inquired about the Nigeria port authority and Port Harcourt. The port has 19 cranes, various cranes with a capacity of 3-15 tons, a large number of tractors and trailers, etc. the area of seven transit warehouses is 66980.9 square meters, and the area of other warehouses is 7896.5 square meters. All berths have road and rail services. The yard covers an area of 14151 square meters. The port also has boat platforms.

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Summary of NGPHC

The Port of Port Harcourt (Port Code: NGPHC), also called PH Port, is a port complex located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The Port first opened in 1913 and can cater to virtually all types of cargo. The types of vessels regularly calling at the port are Offshore Supply Ship, Crew Boat, Bulk Carrier, Passenger Ferry and Military Ops. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 200 meters. The maximum draught is 9.5 meters. The maximum Deadweight is 63878t.