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Bluefields (NIBEF)

Bluefields, South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, Nicaragua

Port Code NIBEF Port Name Bluefields
City Bluefields Country/Region Nicaragua
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 12.01560595 Longitude -83.75886535
Bluefields Port (port code: NIBEF) is a small port in the southeast of Nicaragua. It is located on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, approximately 98 kilometers north of the border with Costa Rica.
The well sheltered port has one berth with Ro-Ro facilities and a fish canning factory has a private berth there. The main imports entering this port include general cargo and combustibles (diesel and gasoline). The chief exports leaving this port are refrigerated products (fish, shrimps and lobster) and timber.
The port allows for a maximum draught of 3.5 meters. It handles 2 ocean going vessels and various coasters annually.

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