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Badagry (NGBAD)

Badagry, lagos State, Nigeria

Port Code NGBAD Port Name Badagry
City Badagry Country/Region Nigeria
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 6.4313 Longitude 2.8877
Badagry Port (Port Code: NGBAD) is a port located on the north bank of Porto Novo Creek, in Lagos State, Nigeria. It serves as an inland waterway that connects Lagos (Nigeria's largest city and economic capital) to the Beninese capital of (Porto-Novo). Its connecting and navigable lakes, creeks and inland lagoons acted as a means to facilitate trade and as a security bar for residents. The protected harbor led to the town of Badagry becoming a key center in the export of slaves to the Americas, which were mainly to Salvador, Bahia in Brazil.

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