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Mo i Rana (NOMOR)

Mo i Rana, Nordland County, Norway

Port Code NOMOR / NOMQN Port Name Mo i Rana
City Mo i Rana Country/Region Norway
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 66.31666666667 Longitude 14.13305555556
Mo I Rana (Port Code:NOMOR), an industrial port, is designated as a free port, one of only two in Norway. Mo I Rana is located at the head of Ranafjord, approx 50nm from Aasvaer Pilot Station and 241km south of Bodo. The port is open all year round. Two of the quays are directly connected to the main railway network. The fjord is well marked and deep, with vessels able to anchor in the roads in depths ranging from 11-44m. Pilots embark at Aasvaer Lighthouse. Pilots may advise an alternative place of anchorage if necessary. Exports: Iron ore, steel, ferrochrome and ferro Silisium. Imports: Iron ore for export and ferro industry materials. Approx 1,305 of vessels visit the port and 3,600,000t of cargo, of which 1,700,000t is general cargo, handled annually.

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