Seaport Codes initial D

Port List by City
Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Das Island AEDAS Feeder Port  Das Island City Port United Arab Emirates
Dubai AEDXBMain Port   Dubai City Port United Arab Emirates
Fateh Terminal AEFAT Feeder Port  Dubai Port United Arab Emirates
Port Rashid AEPRA Feeder Port  Dubai Port United Arab Emirates
Durres ALDRZ Feeder Port  Durres City Port Albania
Diamante ARDME Feeder Port  Diamante City Port Argentina
Dampier AUDAM Feeder Port  Dampier City Port Australia
Derby AUDBY Feeder Port  Derby City Port Australia
Devonport AUDEV Feeder Port  Devonport City Port Australia
Darwin AUDRW Feeder Port  Darwin City Port Australia
Dhaka BDDACMain Port Feeder Port  Dhaka City Port Bangladesh
ICD Kamalapur BDKAM  Dry Port Dhaka Port Bangladesh
Pangaon BDPGN Feeder Port  Dhaka Port Bangladesh
Dalhousie CADAL Feeder Port  Dalhousie City Port Canada
Digby CADIG Feeder Port  Digby City Port Canada
Douala CMDLA Feeder Port  Douala City Port Cameroon
Basuo CNBSP Feeder Port  Dongfang Port China
Changping CNCPI  Dry Port Dongguan Port China
Datong CNDAT  Dry Port Datong City Port China
Dandong CNDDG Feeder Port  Dandong City Port China
Dehui CNDEH  Dry Port Dehui City Port China
Dongguan CNDGG Feeder Port  Dongguan City Port China
Dalian CNDLCMain Port   Dalian City Port China
Dongying CNDYG Feeder Port  Dongying City Port China
Humen CNHMN Feeder Port  Dongguan Port China
Shatian CNSIN  Dry Port Dongguan Port China
Xinsha CNXNA Feeder Port  Dongguan Port China
Yangpu CNYGP Feeder Port  Danzhou Port China
Dhekelia CYDIK Feeder Port  Dhekelia City Port Cyprus
Darmstadt DEDAR  Dry Port Darmstadt City Port Germany
Dortmund DEDOR  Dry Port Dortmund City Port Germany
Dresden DEDRE Feeder Port  Dresden City Port Germany
Duisburg DEDUI Feeder Port  Duisburg City Port Germany
Dusseldorf DEDUS Feeder Port  Dusseldorf City Port Germany
Djibouti DJJIBMain Port   Djibouti City City Port Djibouti
Djen Djen DZDJE Feeder Port  Djidjelli Port Algeria
Dellys DZDLS Feeder Port  Dellys City Port Algeria
Damietta EGDAMMain Port   Damietta City Port Egypt
Ad Dakhla EHVIC Feeder Port  Dakhla City Port Western Sahara
Denia ESDEN Feeder Port  Denia City Port Spain
Dire Dawa ETDIR  Dry Port Dire Dawa City Port Ethiopia
Degerby FIDEG Feeder Port  Degerby City Port Finland
Deauville FRDEA Feeder Port  Deauville City Port France
Dunkerque Ouest(Dunkirk) FRDKKMain Port   Dunkerque Ouest(Dunkirk) City Port France
Donges FRDON Feeder Port  Donges City Port France
Douarnenez FRDOU Feeder Port  Douarnenez City Port France
Dieppe FRDPE Feeder Port  Dieppe City Port France
Dartmouth GBDAR Feeder Port  Dartmouth City Port United Kingdom
Dunbar GBDBR   Dunbar City Port United Kingdom
Dundrum GBDRM Feeder Port  Dundrum City Port United Kingdom
Dundee GBDUN Feeder Port  Dundee City Port United Kingdom
Dover GBDVR Feeder Port  Dover City Port United Kingdom
Derby GBDXY  Dry Port Derby City Port United Kingdom
Dubrovnik HRDBV Feeder Port  Dubrovnik City Port Croatia
Debrecen HUDEB  Dry Port Debrecen City Port Hungary
Benoa IDBNA Feeder Port  Denpasar Port Indonesia
Jayapura IDDJJ Feeder Port  Djayapura City Port Indonesia
Donggala IDDON Feeder Port  Donggala City Port Indonesia
Dumai IDDUM Feeder Port  Dumai City Port Indonesia
Dundalk IEDDK Feeder Port  Dundalk City Port Ireland
Dun Laoghaire IEDLG Feeder Port  Dun Laoghaire City Port Ireland
Donegal IEDON  Dry Port Donegal City Port Ireland
Droghead IEDRO Feeder Port  Drogheda City Port Ireland
Dublin IEDUB Feeder Port  Dublin City Port Ireland
Dunmore East IEDUN Feeder Port  Dunmore East City Port Ireland
Dungarvan IEDVN Feeder Port  Dungarvan City Port Ireland
Duncannon IEECN Feeder Port  Duncannon City Port Ireland
Douglas IMDGS Feeder Port  Douglas City Port United Kingdom
Dadri INDAD  Dry Port Dadri City Port India
Diu INDIU Feeder Port  Diu City Port India
Dappar INDPR  Dry Port Dappar City Port India
Durgapur INDUR  Dry Port Durgapur City Port India
Dwarka INDWA   Dwarka City Port India
Dhar INKHD  Dry Port Dhar City Port India
Dalvik ISDAL Feeder Port  Dalvik City Port Iceland
Port Rhoades JMPRH Feeder Port  Discovery Bay Port Jamaica
Mukho KRMUK Feeder Port  Donghae Port Korea, South
Donghae KRTGH Feeder Port  Donghae City Port Korea, South
Daejeon KRTJN  Dry Port Daejeon City Port Korea, South
Daesan KRTSN Feeder Port  Daesan City Port Korea, South
Derna LYDNF Feeder Port  Derna City Port Libya
Darnah LYDRX Feeder Port  Derna City Port Libya
Dungun MYDUN Feeder Port  Dungun City Port Malaysia
Dosso NEDOS  Dry Port Dosso City Port Niger
Degema NGDEG Feeder Port  Degema City Port Nigeria
Dordrecht NLDOR Feeder Port  Dordrecht City Port Netherlands
Delfzijl NLDZL Feeder Port  Delfzijl City Port Netherlands
Scheveningen NLSCH Feeder Port  Den Haag Port Netherlands
Drammen NODRM Feeder Port  Drammen City Port Norway
Dunedin NZDUD Feeder Port  Dunedin City Port New Zealand
Otago Harbour NZORR Feeder Port  Dunedin Port New Zealand
Port Chalmers NZPOE Feeder Port  Dunedin Port New Zealand
Waverley Harbour NZWAV Feeder Port  Dunedin Port New Zealand
Duqm OMDQM Feeder Port  Duqm City Port Oman
Daru PGDAR Feeder Port  Daru City Port Papua New Guinea
Dingalan Bay PHDGB Feeder Port  Dingalan Bay City Port Philippines
Dipolog PHDIP Feeder Port  Dipolog City Port Philippines
Dumaguete PHDUM Feeder Port  Dumaguete City Port Philippines
Davao PHDVO Feeder Port  Davao City City Port Philippines
Sangi PHSGI Feeder Port  Dakbayan sa Toledo Port Philippines
Darlowo PLDAR Feeder Port  Darlowo City Port Poland
Doha QADOH   Doha City Port Qatar
Qapco QAQAP Feeder Port  Doha Port Qatar
Dekastry RUDEK Feeder Port  Dekastry City Port Russia
Dhuba SADHU Feeder Port  Dhuba City Port Saudi Arabia
Dammam SADMMMain Port   Dammam City Port Saudi Arabia
Juaymah Terminal SAJUT Feeder Port  Dhahran Port Saudi Arabia
Dalaro SEDAL   Dalaro City Port Sweden
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