Dili Port (TLDIL)

Port Code TLDIL City Dili
Port Name DILI Country/Region East Timor
Category Port City Route SOUTH PACIFIC
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Dili Port (TLDIL)


The Port of Dili is a very small port in Timor-Leste.

The Port of Dili is the main and only international port into East Timor. The port is surrounded by a natural coral reef with only one clearly marked passage; the coral reef provides natural protection for the severe weather that may occur during the rainy season (usually November-February).

A single 280-meter-long wharf can handle up to three ships at any one time, and is nominally divided into three multi-functional berths with a draft of 5-9M.

JICA has carried out a restoration project to rebuild the entire terminal, which will be completed in early 2010 due to structural defects in the original structure and subsequent rupture of the terminal. A slope facilitates the ro-ro ship berth located on the east side of the past pier.

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Summary of TLDIL

Dili port (port code: TLDIL) is the main and only international port of entry to East Timor. It is located in the neighbourhood of Farol, which is within the suco of Motael, on the north side of central Dili, and at the southern extremity of the Bay of Dili, facing Ombai Strait.
The port is a relatively small seaport. The main wharf is 280 meters (920 feet) long and has a maximum capacity of three commercial vessels, as it is nominally divided into three berths. There are two roll-on/roll-off ramps – one at the east end of the wharf and the other at the west end – and a yacht anchorage on the port side of the wharf.
Shipments to and from the port are restricted to containerised and conventional cargos. The port has no facilities to handle bulk cargos, and any fuel or liquids coming into it must be shipped in ISO containers. Two privately owned fuel jetties close to Dili are used for bulk fuel shipments.
Storage facilities within the port are very limited. However, the port warehouses, located within a secure area, are permanent structures with good drainage and corrugated iron roofing. On the port's hard standing, a maximum of only 1,000 containers can be stored.
Theoretically, the port has the capacity to import and export 120,000 TEU per year, but the container yard is not able to function as efficiently as average container ports. In 2014, the port handled a total of 225,000t of cargo, 51,882 TEU and 42,284 passengers annually.

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