Dakar (SNDKR)

Port Code SNDKR City Dakar
Port Name Dakar Country/Region Senegal
Category Port City Route WEST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Dakar (SNDKR)



      A commercial port in Senegal, West Africa.A supply port for the North-South Atlantic.It is located in Cape Verde peninsula at the westernmost end of the African continent and northeast of Dakar city.It is 3600 nautical miles from Cape Town in the southeast, 2760 nautical miles from Rio de Janeiro in the southwest, 3330 nautical miles from New York in the northwest and 1540 nautical miles from Gibraltar in the northeast.The port is surrounded by the mainland concave bank and the North-South breakwater and jetty.The water area in the port is more than 210 hectares. The water depth is not silting. Ships with a draft of 10 meters can enter the port from the southeast at any time. The width of the entrance to the port is 240 meters.The port is divided into northeast, north, West and south port areas.There are two jetties and about 10 berths in the northeast of the approach channel, with a water depth of 10-11 meters. They are specially used for fueling, fresh water and food.The North District is peanut and apatite export port area, with 3 small jetties and 10 berths along the bank, with a water depth of 10 meters.The coastal wall of the Western District extends about 2 km from north to South and is occupied by shipyards and naval factories.The south district is connected with the city, and the North District is close to the access channel. There are three jetties and 20 berths along the bank. The water depth is 8-10m. It is the main cargo handling area.Port location is moderate, superior natural conditions, convenient transportation, not only attract West African countries import and export goods transit, but also absorb the Atlantic north route ships to come to supply.At present, the cargo throughput is about 7 million tons per year, which is one of the ports in West Africa.

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Summary of SNDKR

Dakar port (port code: SNDKR) is the principal port of Senegal. It is situated on the central west coast of Senegal.
The port is a safe sheltered harbour formed by two jetties. It is divided into two zones, North and South, separated by the fishing port, with over 40 berths and depths up to 12.0 meters. It contains 112.5 thousand square meters of open surface storage, 48.8 thousand square meters of covered storage space, and 15 thousand square meters of cold stores. In addition, it has 13 hectares of surface for storing containers, and capacity to store 290 thousand cubic meters of hydrocarbons.
The fishing zone in the port covers ten hectares and has nine stations with alongside depths from 9 to 12 meters. The quays are a total of 1854 kilometers long, and the fishing zone has facilities to store, congeal, and freeze fish.
The port handles more than 10 million tons of cargo and 425,000TEU annually. The main exports include ground nuts, edible oil, oil cake, gum, gold, sisal, shea butter, kapok, hides, phosphates, flour and cement. The imports are primarily cotton, metal goods, oil fuel, petrol, wine, coal, sugar and corn.
Each year about 2,400 vessels visit this port, among which 37% are cargo vessels, 31% are fishing vessels, and 10% are tankers. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 294 meters. The maximum draught is 14.9 meters. The maximum deadweight is 160,250t.