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Dortmund (DEDOR)

Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia Bundesland, Germany

Port Code DEDOR / DEDTM Port Name Dortmund
City Dortmund Country/Region Germany
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 51.533 Longitude 7.437
Dortmund port (port code: DEDOR / DEDTM) is a medium-sized port in Germany, providing trimodal logistic service for the whole economic region around Dortmund and serving in addition large parts of the Sauerland and Siegerland, but also East Westphalia as well as Northern Hesse.
There are a wide range of facilities for bulk and general cargo, containers, swap bodies and palletized goods in this port. This applies to various products like imported coal, construction materials, iron and steel products (scrap metal included), petroleum as well as typical consumer goods in containers.
Covering a total area of 170 hectares, the port handles approximately 3 million tons of cargo annually. About 3,000 ships are annually being charged and discharged in this port, including more than 65.5% of cargo vessels and 26.5% of tankers.
The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 187 meters. The maximum draught is 3.2 meters. The maximum deadweight is 2,843t.

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