Seaport Codes initial D

Port List by Port Code
Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Augsburg DEAGB  Dry Port Augsburg City Port Germany
Altona DEALT Feeder Port  Hamburg Port Germany
Bochum DEBOC  Dry Port Bochum City Port Germany
Bonn DEBON Feeder Port  Bonn City Port Germany
Brake DEBRA Feeder Port  Brake City Port Germany
Bremen DEBRE Feeder Port  Bremen City Port Germany
Brunsbuttel DEBRU Feeder Port  Brunsbuttel City Port Germany
Bremerhaven DEBRVMain Port   Bremerhaven City Port Germany
Butzfleth DEBUT Feeder Port  Butzfleth City Port Germany
Koin(Cologne) DECGN Feeder Port  Cologne City Port Germany
Koblenz DECOB Feeder Port  Koblenz City Port Germany
Cuxhaven DECUX Feeder Port  Cuxhaven City Port Germany
Darmstadt DEDAR  Dry Port Darmstadt City Port Germany
Dortmund DEDOR  Dry Port Dortmund City Port Germany
Dresden DEDRE Feeder Port  Dresden City Port Germany
Duisburg DEDUI Feeder Port  Duisburg City Port Germany
Dusseldorf DEDUS Feeder Port  Dusseldorf City Port Germany
Eckernforde DEECK Feeder Port  Eckernforde City Port Germany
Elsfleth DEELS Feeder Port  Elsfleth City Port Germany
Emden DEEME Feeder Port  Emden City Port Germany
Essen DEESS Feeder Port  Essen City Port Germany
Flensburg DEFLE Feeder Port  Flensburg City Port Germany
Frankfurt DEFRA  Dry Port Frankfurt City Port Germany
Gluckstadt DEGLU Feeder Port  Gluckstadt City Port Germany
Haiger DEHAI  Dry Port Haiger City Port Germany
Hannover DEHAJ  Dry Port Hannover City Port Germany
Hamburg DEHAMMain Port   Hamburg City Port Germany
Heidelberg DEHEI  Dry Port Heidelberg City Port Germany
Heiligenhafen DEHHF Feeder Port  Heiligenhafen City Port Germany
Hilden DEHID  Dry Port Hilden City Port Germany
Husum DEHSM Feeder Port  Husum City Port Germany
Ingolstadt DEING  Dry Port Ingolstadt City Port Germany
Itzehoe DEITZ Feeder Port  Itzehoe City Port Germany
Kappeln DEKAP Feeder Port  Kappeln City Port Germany
Karlsruhe DEKAR Feeder Port  Karlsruhe City Port Germany
Kiel DEKEL Feeder Port  Kiel City Port Germany
Krefeld DEKRE Feeder Port  Krefeld City Port Germany
Laboe DELAB   Laboe City Port Germany
Lubeck DELBC Feeder Port  Lubeck City Port Germany
Leipzig DELEI  Dry Port Leipzig City Port Germany
Leer DELER Feeder Port  Leer City Port Germany
Lindau DELIU  Dry Port Lindau City Port Germany
Mainz DEMAI Feeder Port  Mainz City Port Germany
Mannheim DEMHM Feeder Port  Mannheim City Port Germany
Munich DEMUC  Dry Port Munich City Port Germany
Munster DEMUN Feeder Port  Munster City Port Germany
Ulm DENEU  Dry Port Ulm City Port Germany
Neuhaus DENHS Feeder Port  Neuhaus City Port Germany
Nordenham DENOR Feeder Port  Nordenham City Port Germany
Neustadt DENST Feeder Port  Neustadt City Port Germany
Nurnberg DENUE Feeder Port  Nurnberg City Port Germany
Neuss DENUS Feeder Port  Neuss City Port Germany
Offenbach DEOFF  Dry Port Offenbach am Main City Port Germany
Orth DEORT Feeder Port  Fehmarn Port Germany
Papenburg DEPAP  Dry Port Papenburg City Port Germany
Passau DEPAS  Dry Port Passau City Port Germany
Puttgarden DEPUT Feeder Port  Fehmarn Port Germany
Regensburg DEREG Feeder Port  Regensburg City Port Germany
Rosenheim DEROS  Dry Port Rosenheim City Port Germany
Rendsburg DERSG  Dry Port Rendsburg City Port Germany
Rostock DERSK Feeder Port  Rostock City Port Germany
Schulau DESLU   Pinneberg Port Germany
Solingen DESOL  Dry Port Solingen City Port Germany
Stadersand DESSD Feeder Port  Stade Port Germany
Stade DESTA Feeder Port  Stade City Port Germany
Stralsund DESTR Feeder Port  Stralsund City Port Germany
Stuttgart DESTU  Dry Port Stuttgart City Port Germany
Tonning DETON Feeder Port  Tonning City Port Germany
Travemunde DETRA Feeder Port  Lubeck Port Germany
Berlin DEUEB  Dry Port Berlin City Port Germany
Vegesack DEVEG  Dry Port Bremen Port Germany
Wismar DEWIS Feeder Port  Wismar City Port Germany
Wilhelmsburg DEWLG Feeder Port  Hamburg Port Germany
Wolfsburg DEWOB  Dry Port Wolfsburg City Port Germany
Wilhelmshaven DEWVNMain Port   Wilhelmshaven City Port Germany
Djibouti DJJIBMain Port   Djibouti City City Port Djibouti
Abenraa DKAAB Feeder Port  Abenraa City Port Denmark
Alborg DKAAL Feeder Port  Aalborg City Port Denmark
Aeroskobing DKAER Feeder Port  Aeroskobing City Port Denmark
Aarhus DKAHS Feeder Port  Aarhus City Port Denmark
Allinge DKALL Feeder Port  Allinge City Port Denmark
Assens DKASS Feeder Port  Assens City Port Denmark
Bandholm DKBHM Feeder Port  Bandholm City Port Denmark
Bogense DKBOG Feeder Port  Bogense City Port Denmark
Copenhagen DKCPH Feeder Port  Copenhagen City Port Denmark
Ebeltoft DKEBE Feeder Port  Ebeltoft City Port Denmark
Elsinore DKELS Feeder Port  Helsinger Port Denmark
Esbjerg DKESB Feeder Port  Esbjerg City Port Denmark
Faaborg DKFAA Feeder Port  Faaborg City Port Denmark
Frederikshavn DKFDH Feeder Port  Frederikshavn City Port Denmark
Fakse Ladeplads DKFLS Feeder Port  Fakse Ladeplads City Port Denmark
Fredericia DKFRC Feeder Port  Fredericia City Port Denmark
Frederikssund DKFSD Feeder Port  Frederikssund City Port Denmark
Frederiksvark DKFSK Feeder Port  Frederiksvark City Port Denmark
Grasten DKGRA Feeder Port  Grasten City Port Denmark
Grenaa DKGRE Feeder Port  Grenaa City Port Denmark
Gulfhavn DKGUL Feeder Port  Magleby Port Denmark
Hasle DKHAS Feeder Port  Hasle City Port Denmark
Hirtshals DKHIR Feeder Port  Hirtshals City Port Denmark
Helsingor DKHLS Feeder Port  Helsinger City Port Denmark
Hobro DKHOB Feeder Port  Hobro City Port Denmark
Holbaek DKHOL Feeder Port  Holbaek City Port Denmark
Horsens DKHOR Feeder Port  Horsens City Port Denmark
Hadsund DKHSD Feeder Port  Hadsund City Port Denmark
Haderslev DKHSV Feeder Port  Haderslev City Port Denmark
Kalundborg DKKAL Feeder Port  Kalundborg City Port Denmark
Karrebaeksminde DKKAR Feeder Port  Karrebaeksminde City Port Denmark
Kerteminde DKKER Feeder Port  Kerteminde City Port Denmark
Koge DKKOG Feeder Port  Koge City Port Denmark
Kolding DKKOL Feeder Port  Kolding City Port Denmark
Korsor DKKOR Feeder Port  Korsor City Port Denmark
Kyndby DKKYN Feeder Port  Kyndby City Port Denmark
Lemvig DKLEM Feeder Port  Lemvig City Port Denmark
Mariager DKMAR Feeder Port  Mariager City Port Denmark
Middelfart DKMID Feeder Port  Middelfart City Port Denmark
Marstal DKMTL Feeder Port  Marstal City Port Denmark
Naestved DKNAE Feeder Port  Naestved City Port Denmark
Nykobing(Sjalland) DKNBG Feeder Port  Nykobing(Sjalland) City Port Denmark
Nekso DKNEK   Nekso City Port Denmark
Nykobing(Mors) DKNKG Feeder Port  Nykobing(Mors) City Port Denmark
Nakskov DKNKV Feeder Port  Nakskov City Port Denmark
Nyborg DKNYB Feeder Port  Nyborg City Port Denmark
Nykobing(Falster) DKNYK Feeder Port  Nykobing(Falster) City Port Denmark
Odense DKODE  Dry Port Odense City Port Denmark
Orehoved DKORE Feeder Port  Orehoved City Port Denmark
Randers DKRAN Feeder Port  Randers City Port Denmark
Rodbyhavn DKROD Feeder Port  Rodbyhavn City Port Denmark
Ronne DKRON Feeder Port  Ronne City Port Denmark
Rudkobing DKRUD Feeder Port  Rudkobing City Port Denmark
Rodvig DKRVG Feeder Port  Rodvig City Port Denmark
Sakskobing DKSAK Feeder Port  Sakskobing City Port Denmark
Skive DKSKI Feeder Port  Skive City Port Denmark
Skaerbaek DKSKK Feeder Port  Skaerbaek City Port Denmark
Skagen DKSKN Feeder Port  Skagen City Port Denmark
Skaelskor DKSKR Feeder Port  Skaelskor City Port Denmark
Sonderborg DKSON Feeder Port  Sonderborg City Port Denmark
Stege DKSTE Feeder Port  Stege City Port Denmark
Stubbekobing DKSTP Feeder Port  Stubbekobing City Port Denmark
Struer DKSTR Feeder Port  Struer City Port Denmark
Svaneke DKSVA Feeder Port  Svaneke City Port Denmark
Svendborg DKSVE Feeder Port  Svendborg City Port Denmark
Tuborg Havn DKTBH Feeder Port  Hellerup Port Denmark
Taulov DKTLV Feeder Port  Taulov City Port Denmark
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