Orth Port (DEORT)

Port Code DEORT City Fehmarn
Port Name FEHMARN>ORTH Country/Region Germany
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Orth Port (DEORT)


      A port on the west coast of Ferman island in the Baltic Sea, Germany. When East 1 standard is adopted. The maximum draft is 3.7 meters. The loading density of water is 1002. There is no tidal change. Westerly winds prevail. No compulsory pilotage. Working hours: 7:00-17:00. Port service facilities include: fueling, medical treatment, fresh water supply, provision, repatriation, no ship repair, dry dock, small boats, traction and sewage facilities. The water depth of the port area is 4.0 meters, and the Quay Line is 180.0 meters long. The approach channel is 15.0m wide. It can accept ships with a draft of 3.7 meters and a maximum of 800 tons.

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Summary of DEORT

The port of Orth (Port Code:DEORT) is situated on the extreme west of Fehmarn Island, which lies off the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The port has a small but well sheltered harbour formed by 2 moles extending approx 0.3nm south from the north shore of Orther Bucht, with an entrance facing south. The main cargoes handled are fertiliser and stone.