Kalundborg Port (DKKAL)

Port Code DKKAL City Kalundborg
Port Name KALUNDBORG Country/Region Denmark
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Kalundborg Port (DKKAL)


      The port of Denmark.In winter, the eastern zone 1 is used, and in summer, the eastern zone 2 is used.The maximum draft is 9.5m, 12.5m (oil tanker).The specific gravity of water is 1025.The tidal range is 0.5m.Westerly winds prevail.Pilotage is not required to enter the port, but if necessary, it can be obtained.The maximum length of the ship is 274 meters.The water depth of the entrance and approach channel is 11.99 M.Local communication: vhfch12, 13 and 16.The bulk cargo berths in Hong Kong are: xigangchi, 400 meters long, 60 meters wide and 6.7 meters deep.Donggangchi is 260 meters long, 130 meters wide and 7.8 meters deep.Nangangchi: 220m long, 10m deep.There are berths for oil tankers: Berth 1 is 12.99 meters deep.The water depth of berth 2 is 10.49m.Berth 3, 5 meters deep.Berth 4, 5 meters deep.The length of trestle varies from 73.14m to 274.31m.In addition, berth 11 of the oil tanker terminal is 170 meters long and 9.5 meters deep.There are ship repair, tugboat, fuel supply, fresh water supply, food supply, medical treatment and repatriation services in Hong Kong.The consuls are: Norway and Sweden.

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Summary of DKKAL

Kalundborg Port (Port Code:DKKAL) has a central location right next to the deep-sea route in the Great Belt, linking the Baltic sea and the North Sea, providing an optimal sea connection between Kalundborg and central markets. Located close to the capital, Copenhagen, APM Terminals Kalundborg will have access to one of the largest areas in Denmark. 
With an annual capacity of 50,000 TEU, the terminal will operate 24/7 and offers a low truck turn-time and a comprehensive service offering (including maintenance and repair and reefer capabilities). Ships serving the Baltic Sea are becoming larger, which means that few existing Ports are able to accommodate them. Once operational, APM Terminals Kalundborg will be Zealand’s only deep-water terminal with a draft of 15 metres along its 500m quay.