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Copenhagen (DKCPH)

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

Port Code DKCPH Port Name Copenhagen
City Copenhagen Country/Region Denmark
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Copenhagen Port (port code: DKCPH) is located on the east coast of Sjaelland and the harbour is formed by a branch of the Sound that runs between the islands of Amager and Sjaelland. It has merged with the port of Malmo to create Copenhagen Malmo Port (CMP).
The port covers a production area of about 200 hectares and a development area of about 300 hectares. It contains two harbors, one with free port status. With capacity to handle Panamax vessels, total quay length in the port is 16.5 kilometers, and the port contains 36 kilometers of railway tracks.
The port contains ten berths serving ferries and roll-on/roll-off vessels. The port contains two modern container terminals covering 250 thousand square meters, four car terminals, and bulk terminals. It is also equipped with four container gantry cranes, one mobile crane, and ten rail-mounted cranes. The port also has 200 thousand square meters of warehouse space and tank capacity for two million cubic meters.
Combined with the port of Malmo, a total of about 8,000 vessels, 15,000,000t of cargo, 153,000TEU and 829,000 passengers are handled annually.

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