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Brake (DEBRA)

Brake, Lower Saxony Bundesland, Germany

Port Code DEBRA / DEBKE / DEBKE Port Name Brake
City Brake Country/Region Germany
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 53.33867645 Longitude 8.49316168
Brake Port (port code: DEBRA / DEBKE) is the second largest port in Lower Saxony, the largest feed import port in Germany and one of the major ports in Europe. It is located between Bremen and Bremerhaven, 26 kilometers upstream from the entrance of the River Weser.
The port’s modern handling and silo facilities stretch along the approximately 2.5 kilometers long river quay with a total of eight ship berths on the water, which is deep for seagoing ships. The southern port area with the striking silos is used for handling grain and animal feed. To the north is an area where forest products such as cellulose and wood as well as iron and bulk goods that can be grabbed are handled. Next to it are areas for handling sulfur and vegetable oils. The Niedersachsenkai for steel and project cargo as well as wind energy components and cellulose is located in the very north of the port. The inland port is used by sea, inland and fishing vessels.
The port handles approximately 6.4 million tons of cargo, 2,330TEU and 880 vessels annually. The type of vessels regularly calling at this port is cargo vessel, accounting for about 67%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 230 meters. The maximum draught is 11.9 meters. The maximum deadweight is 92,567t.

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