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Vegesack (DEVEG)

Bremen, Bremen Bundesland, Germany

Port Code DEVEG Port Name Vegesack
City Bremen Country/Region Germany
Port Type Dry Port Category Port
The Vegesack port (port code:DEVEG) is the oldest man-made port in Germany . Numerous ships were distributed over the entire course of the Weser from Bremen to the mouth of the Weser and offered easy targets for looters and thieves. The port is centrally located in Vegesack, next to the Vegesacker Bahnhofsplatz and the Haven Höövt shopping center . Its entrance is at the mouth of the Lesum and the Weser . The Schönebecker Aue flows into the harbor basin, the last section of which flows under the Vegesacker Bahnhofsplatz through a pipe system. 
Shortly after the entrance to the port, a 42-meter-long, steel pedestrian bascule bridge has been leading over the port basin since 1999. The harbor basin is 285 meters long, 60 meters wide and the quay length is 465 meters.

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