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Port Code Port Name Port Type City Country/Region
VEBLA Barcelona Feeder Port Barcelona Venezuela
BRSSZ Santos Main Port Santos Brazil
ARBUE Buenos Aires Main Port Buenos Aires Argentina
UYMVD Montevideo Main Port Montevideo Uruguay
BRITJ Itajai Main Port Itajai Brazil
BRPNG Paranagua Main Port Paranagua Brazil
TTPOS Port of Spain Feeder Port Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
BRRIO Rio de Janeiro Main Port Rio de Janeiro Brazil
SRPBM Paramaribo Feeder Port Paramaribo Suriname
BRNVT Navegantes Feeder Port Navegantes Brazil
VELAG La Guaira Feeder Port La Guaira Venezuela
PYASU Asuncion Dry Port Asuncion Paraguay
BRIOA Itapoa Main Port Itapoa Brazil
BRITG Itaguai Feeder Port Itaguai Brazil
VEMAR Maracaibo Feeder Port Maracaibo Venezuela
  • Main Port:
  • A main port is a port with a large capacity for cargo handling, acting as a hub or a gateway for goods transportation in its area. Usually, main ports are included in the freight tariffs of shipping lines and have regular container liners (mother vessels) to berth.
  • Feeder Port:
  • A feeder port is a port for feeder vessels to transport containers from and to the large container terminals (main ports).
  • Dry Port:
  • A dry port is an inland intermodal terminal directly connected by road or rail with seaports, operating the transshipment of ocean freight to inland destinations.

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