La Guaira Port (VELAG)

Port Code VELAG City La Guaira
Port Name LA GUAIRA Country/Region Venezuela
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of La Guaira Port (VELAG)


      Venezuela commercial port. Located in the north of Caracas, the western suburb of the country, it is near the Caribbean Sea. The sea road is 138 nautical miles from Cruz port to the East, 328 nautical miles from Spanish port of Trinidad capital, 68 nautical miles to cabelo port in the west, 533 nautical miles to balankilia port, 841 nautical miles to christopal port, the north port of Panama Canal. The port consists of the quay along the shore and the breakwater. The West Breakwater (passenger terminal) extends from land to northeast, and there are 2 berths in the southeast, with a depth of 8.2 to 9.5m; There are 3 berths in the northwest, of which the depth of outer and middle berths is 9.75m; The berths and adjacent fish wharf along the shore are only 3.0-4.5m. The East Turk dike is extended from the west of the land, and there are 4 grocery berths on both sides of the north and south, with a depth of 8.8m along the side. There are 6 berths along the shore between the East and West breakwaters, with the depth of 8.5-9.45 meters at the front. The wharf is equipped with 6 tons of electric crane. The East-West breakwater and port pool are protected by a breakwater extending from the north wall of the Northeast breakwater to the northwest. It is not only the breakwater of the port, but also the inner side of the breakwater, as well as the deep-water ro-ro ship, grain and container terminal, with 7 berths. The front is 8.5-10.95 meters deep water, and the wharf is equipped with 12 ton electric crane. There are 25 berths in the port, which is the most modern commercial port in the country. Annual throughput of more than 10 million tons, more than half of the country's materials through this. Export cocoa, coffee, tobacco, leather, wood, import industrial products, food, etc.

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Summary of VELAG

La Guaira (Port code:VELAG) is one of Venezuela's busiest ports and handles much of the country's foreign trade, including imports of manufactured goods and exports of agricultural products.The port area extends from Rio Uchire to Rio Maya including a number of islands between. There is 4,200m of berthing space available, with container, bulk and general cargoes handled through the port. There are 2 special berths for Ro-Ro vessels. Port facilities are situated between Punta Maiquetia and Punta Santa Barbara. The main exports are cocoa, coffee and hides; imports include manufactured products and provisions. Approx 770 vessels and 380,000TEU handled annually.