Paramaribo Port (SRPBM)

Port Code SRPBM City Paramaribo
Port Name PARAMARIBO Country/Region Suriname
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Paramaribo Port (SRPBM)


      Port of the Republic of Suriname. Located in the north of the country, on the West Bank of Suriname estuary, it is the capital and main port of Suriname. Forced pilotage: when the inward vessel encounters downwind with strong current of 2.5-3.5 knots, it should keep the same with the inlet wind direction. The prevailing wind direction is easterly. The tidal range is 2m at neap tide and 2.7m at spring tide. Communication between ships and ports uses VHF channels 12 and 16 to communicate with land. There are ship repair and repatriation facilities, but no dry dock, towing and sewage facilities. Tugboats are provided, but fresh water, food, fuel and medical treatment can be provided. The port is capable of berthing 17188 DWT, 145 m in length and 5.25 m in draft. The length of a wharf in Xingang is 520 meters, the berthing depth at the north end is 7.6 meters, and the berthing depth at the south end is 6.4 meters; The minimum water depth of the dock of Suriname shipping company is 3.9 meters; Banana wharf is 90.5 meters long and the minimum berthing depth is 5.5 meters; The grain terminal consists of an 11 meter platform and a 48.8 meter mooring part. The cement wharf is 54.9 meters long, with a berthing depth of 5.5 meters and a mooring place. The old main wharf is now used for fishing boat berthing, with container handling equipment in 5 places and container refrigeration in 7 places. The platform of the new oil tanker terminal is 21.4 meters long, the mooring wharf is 173.9 meters long, and the water depth is at least 5.5 meters. Shell's Wharf is at least 4.9 meters deep; The LPG terminal is a private terminal for unloading oil and gas, with a minimum depth of 5.49 meters. There are three warehouses in the new wharf. The water depth of the sand bar is 4.72 meters. The sand bar is composed of extremely soft mud. Ships with a draught of 7.62 meters leave the port regularly for tide. When the spring tide is low, ships with a draught of 5.49-10.67 meters anchor outside the city. The oil tanker should be anchored at the offshore water depth of 15.24 meters.

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Summary of SRPBM

Paramaribo (Port Code:SRPBM) is situated on the west bank of the Suriname River, 12nm above its mouth. Paramaribo is also know by it's local name as Nieuwe Haven. Bulk and general cargo can be handled at the New Harbour by existing equipment. Specialised cargo is accommodated at the port's wheat jetty, banana wharf, oil tanker terminals and privately owned liquefied gas terminal. A private cement wharf is a further 5nm upstream from Paramaribo and 2 ore carrier berths are at Paranam (see separate entry), a further 29nm upstream from Paramaribo.
Cargo handled: General cargo, containers, cement, grain, fertiliser, sugar, oil products, lumber and shrimps. The main exports are bananas, rice and timber. Imports include flour, cement and petrochemicals. The district commissioner officially acts as harbour master, but vessel movements, pilotage, etc, are handled by Paramaribo officials. Approx 515,000t of cargo, 59,500TEUs and 1,000 vessels handled annually. Max size: Paramaribo: LOA 220m, 8,000DWT, draught 8.5m.

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