IATA Codes initial V

Airport List by Country
City IATA Code Airport Name Country
Hai phong HPH City Catbi International Airport Viet Nam
La Guaira LAG La Guaira Airport Venezuela
Port Vila VLI Custom City Bauerfield International Airport Vanuatu
Sara SSR City Sara Airport Vanuatu
Redcliffe RCL City Redcliffe Airport Vanuatu
Longana LOD City Longana Airport Vanuatu
Luganville SON Custom City Santo-Pekoa International Airport(Ceased) Vanuatu
Maracay MYC City Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport Venezuela
Walaha WLH City Walaha Airport Vanuatu
Ulei ULB City Ulei Airport Vanuatu
Tanna Island TAH City White Grass Airport Vanuatu
Futuna Island FTA City Futuna Airport Vanuatu
Sangafa EAE Siwo Airport Vanuatu
Aniwa AWD Aniwa Airport Vanuatu
Quion Hill UIQ City Quoin Hill Airport Vanuatu
Cabimas CBS Oro Negro Airport Venezuela
Ablow MTV City Mota Lava Airport Vanuatu
Tongoa Island TGH City Tongoa Island Airport Vanuatu
Gaua Island ZGU City Gaua Island Airport Vanuatu
Craig Cove CCV Craig Cove Airport Vanuatu
Lonorore LNE City Lonorore Airport Vanuatu
Valesdir VLS City Valesdir Airport Vanuatu
Quanduc HOO City Nhon Co Airport Viet Nam
Los Pijiguaos LPJ City Armando Schwarck Airport Venezuela
Southwest Bay SWJ City SouthWest Bay Airport Vanuatu
Lamap LPM City Lamap Airport Vanuatu
Kontum KON City Kontum Airport Viet Nam
Puerto Ordaz PZO Custom City General Manuel Carlos Piar International Airport Venezuela
Lamen Bay LNB City Lamen Bay Airport Vanuatu
Sola SLH City Vanua Lava Airport Vanuatu
Epi Island EPI Epi Airport Vanuatu
Paama PBJ City Paama Airport Vanuatu
Norsup NUS City Norsup Airport Vanuatu
Linua TOH City Torres Islands Airport Vanuatu
Cape St. Jacques CSJ Cape St Jacques Airport Viet Nam
Ipota IPA City Ipota Airport Vanuatu
Gran Roque LRV City Gran Roque Airport Venezuela
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