IATA Codes initial K

Airport List by Country
City IATA Code Airport Name Country
Incheon ICN Custom Incheon International Airport Korea, South
Kuwait City KWI Custom City Kuwait International Airport Kuwait
Nairobi NBO Custom City Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Kenya
Pristina PRN Custom City Prishtine International Airport Kosovo
Busan PUS Custom City Gimhae International Airport Korea, South
Mombasa MBA Custom City Moi International Airport Kenya
Seoul GMP Custom Gimpo International Airport Korea, South
Jeju CJU Custom Jeju International Airport Korea, South
Nanyuki NYK City Nanyuki Airport Kenya
Daegu TAE City Daegu International Airport Korea, South
Tarawa TRW Custom City Bonriki International Airport Kiribati
Mumias MUM Mumias Airport Kenya
Chonju CHN Jeonju Airport Korea, South
Eldoret EDL Custom City Eldoret International Airport Kenya
Christmas Island CXI Custom City Cassidy International Airport Kiribati
Cheongju CJJ City Cheongju International Airport Korea, South
Nairobi WIL Wilson Airport Kenya
Osan OSN City Osan AB Airport Korea, South
Ulsan USN City Ulsan Airport Korea, South
Jinhae CHF Jinhae Airport Korea, South
Taraz DMB Custom Taraz Airport Kazakhstan
Seoul SSN Seoul Air Base Airport Korea, South
Canton Island CIS Kanton Island Airport Kiribati
Kisumu KIS Custom City Kisumu International Airport Kenya
Beru Island BEZ Beru Island Airport Kiribati
Gwangju KWJ City Gwangju Airport Korea, South
Yeosu RSU City Yeosu Airport Korea, South
Muan MWX City Muan International Airport Korea, South
Maasai Mara MRE City Mara Lodges Airport Kenya
Lamu LAU City Manda Airstrip Airport Kenya
Mandera NDE City Mandera Airport Kenya
Kitale KTL City Kitale Airport Kenya
Taejon QTW ROKAF Korea, South
Nonouti NON City Nonouti Airport Kiribati
Lake Baringo LBN City Lake Baringo Airport Kenya
Malindi MYD City Malindi Airport Kenya
Kerio Valley KRV City Kerio Valley Airport Kenya
Garissa GAS City Garissa Airport Kenya
Abaiang ABF Abaiang Atoll Airport Kiribati
Suwon SWU City Suwon Airport Korea, South
Samburu UAS City Buffalo Spring Airport Kenya
Maiana MNK City Maiana Airport Kiribati
ChunCheon City QUN ChunCheon airport Korea, South
Jeju JSP Seogwipo Heliport Airport Korea, South
Kericho KEY City Kericho Airport Kenya
Tabiteuea South TSU City Tabiteuea South Airport Kiribati
Jinju HIN City Sacheon Airport Korea, South
Fergusons Gulf FER Fergusons Gulf Airport Kenya
Nikunau NIG City Nikunau Airport Kiribati
Butaritari Atoll BBG Butaritari Airport Kiribati
Ekibastuz EKB Ekibastuz Airport Kazakhstan
Abemama Atoll AEA Abemama Atoll Airport Kiribati
Kangnung KAG City Gangneung Airport Korea, South
Kunsan KUV City Kunsan Air Base Airport Korea, South
Yechon YEC City Yecheon Air Base Airport Korea, South
Kokshetau KOV Custom City Kokshetau Airport Kazakhstan
Wojnu WJU City Wonju Airport Korea, South
Makin Island MTK City Makin Island Airport Kiribati
Kuria KUC City Kuria Airport Kiribati
Marsabit RBT City Marsabit Airport Kenya
Amboseli ASV Amboseli Airport Kenya
Arorae Island AIS Arorae Airport Kiribati
Buariki AAK Aranuka Airport Kiribati
Wajir WJR City Wajir Airport Kenya
Tamana Island TMN City Tamana Airport Kiribati
Pohang KPO City Pohang Airport Korea, South
Tabiteuea North TBF City Tabiteuea North Airport Kiribati
Marakei MZK City Marakei Airport Kiribati
Mokpo MPK Mokpo Airport Korea, South
Lodwar LOK City Lodwar Airport Kenya
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