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Argentina Sea Ports

Main Port: A main port is a port with big capacity of cargo handling, acting as a hub or a gateway for goods transportation in its area. In most case, main ports are included on liner's freight tariffs and have regular container liners(mother vessels) to berth at.

Feeder Port: Feeder Ports are ports for feeder vessels to collect shipping containers from and transport to central container terminals or transshipment hubs (main ports), where containers are loaded to mother vessels for further transport.

Dry Port: A dry port is an inland intermodal terminal directly connected by road or rail to a seaport, operating as a centre for the transshipment of sea cargo to inland destinations.

City Port: The category “City Port” here means a city with one or more container ports included. When a city is used to represent all its ports, we will just call it “Port of *****”(like “Port of Shenzhen”).

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Buenos Aires ARBUEMain Port   Buenos Aires Port City Argentina
San Pedro ARSPD Feeder Port  San Pedro Port City Argentina
Rio Grande ARRGA Feeder Port  Rio Grande Port City Argentina
Santa Cruz ARRZA Feeder Port  Puerto Santa Cruz Port City Argentina
Mendoza ARMEN  Dry Port Mendoza Port City Argentina
Zarate ARZAR Feeder Port  Zarate Port City Argentina
Rosario ARROS  Dry Port Rosario Port City Argentina
Puerto Concepcion Del Uruguay ARCON Feeder Port  Puerto Concepcion Del Uruguay Port City Argentina
Santa Fe ARSFE  Dry Port Ciudad de Santa Fe Port City Argentina
Ushuaia ARUSH Feeder Port  Ushuaia Port City Argentina
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