Wonsan (KPWON)

Port Code KPWON City Wonsan
Port Name Wonsan Country/Region Korea, North
Category Port City Route SOUTH KOREAN
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Wonsan (KPWON)



      Wonsan port is located on the southwest coast of Yongxing Bay on the southeast coast of North Korea, on the west side of East Korea Bay. It is the largest seaport in the east of North Korea. It is the center of North Korea's machinery manufacturing industry. The airport is on the kalmu peninsula.

      It has a temperate monsoon climate with westerly winds prevailing. The annual average temperature is about 20 ℃ in summer and - 14 ℃ in winter. There is no ice in the harbor, but there is flowing ice. The annual average rainfall is about 1000mm. The average tide height is 0.33m at high tide and 0.18m at low tide.

      Yuanshan, the capital of the Korean River, is located in the east of the Korean Peninsula. It is an important trade port of North Korea. There is a Korean people's Army Navy and air force base in Yuanshan. In 1880, the port was opened by the Japanese who occupied Korea. Its original name was yuanshanjin. After 1914, due to the opening of several railway lines, it gradually developed into an important trade port on the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. Yuanbenyuanshan is located in the south of Xianjing road. Because there is no big city in Jiangyuan Road (North), it is divided into Jiangyuan road from the south of Xianjing road and becomes the provincial capital.

      Yuanshan port was opened in 1880. The climate is humid. Originally named yuanshanjin, it gradually developed into a distribution center of agricultural and fishery products in the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula after 1914. The coastal area is one of the main fishing bases. Industries include shipbuilding, railway, chemical industry and textile. It has become a cultural, educational and medical center. Three railway lines leading to Seoul, northeast cities and Pyongyang were successively laid. Songtaoyuan, Mingshan and shenbaoli are famous bathing places and recuperation resorts.

      The main berths in this port are within the breakwater. The coastline is 275m long and the maximum water depth is 8m. It is used for berthing ocean going ships. The handling equipment includes various shore cranes, floating cranes, etc., of which the maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 42 tons, the lifting capacity of the floating crane is 30 tons, and the anchorage water depth of the large ship is up to 13 M. The main export goods are graphite, gold, cattle and groceries, while the import goods are rice, wheat flour and salt.

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Summary of KPWON

Wŏnsan Port (Port Code: KPWON) is a medium-sized seaport and also a naval base located in Wonsan City, capital of Kangwŏn do (province), in southeastern North Korea. It is situated on the westernmost shore of the Sea of Japan (East Korean Sea). Wonsan opened as a trade port in 1880. Its original name was Wŏnsanjin, but it was also known by the Russian name of Port Lazarev, under Japanese rule (1910–45) it was called Gensan. Rail lines were constructed to the southwest to Seoul in 1914, to northeastern cities in 1928, and west to P’yŏngyang in 1941.