Wewak Port (PGWWK)

Port Code PGWWK City Wewak
Port Name WEWAK Country/Region Papua New Guinea
Category Port City Route SOUTH PACIFIC
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Wewak Port (PGWWK)


      A coastal town and port in Northeast Papua New Guinea, capital of East Sepik district. Located 120 km west of the Sepik estuary. Population: 22000 (1984). The harbour is excellent. Coconut is mainly planted in the coastal areas nearby, and the offshore fishery is developed. Export dried coconut.

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Summary of PGWWK

Wewak Port (Port Code: PGWWK) is a port located on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. As the main port for the coastal town of Wewak, it serves the town of Wewak, Papua New Guinea. Wewak Point to the west, Cape Boram to the east and Mission Point to the south form the borders of the harbour. Berthing for overseas and coastal vessels, due to exposed position, may become hazardous during the monsoon season. The principal exports are coffee, copra and canned fish.
Approximately 700 vessels, both coastal trade and foreign deep-sea trade, 165,500t of cargo, 5,500TEU and 13,000 passengers are handled annually.