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Veracruz (MXVER)

Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico

Port Code MXVER Port Name Veracruz
City Veracruz Country/Region Mexico
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
The Port of Veracruz (Port Code: MXVER) is port lying on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in south-central Mexico. It is the oldest and largest port in Mexico. Located about 240 kilometers southeast of the Port of Tuxpan and almost 400 kilometers southeast of the Port of Tampico, the port is the backbone of the city's economy. The port handles all kinds of cargo, transporting 16.1 million tons of products in 2004. It is the gateway for Mexico's automobile industry. The port is the first to be equipped specifically for shipping automobiles as it close to car manufacturers. In 2004, the port handled 70% of the exported automobiles. It is also an important fishing port where sports fishing and water sports are popular.

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