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Vasto (ITVAS)

Vasto, Abruzzo Region, Italy

Port Code ITVAS / ITVSO Port Name Vasto
City Vasto Country/Region Italy
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 42.17623 Longitude 14.71121
Vasto Port (Port Code: ITVAS) is a port situated on the western side of Punta Penna on the Adriatic coast, northern of Bari and approx 285km eastern of Rome, Italy. The port is protected by 2 moles (Ponente and Levante), which have facilities for the loading and discharging of ships. There is also a small Ro-Ro berth near to the entrance of the harbour. Part of the East Quay is reserved for the use of fishing vessels. Passengers are disembarked at the East Quay. The depth of water in the harbour varies from 5.0-10.0m. There is a large area for cargo handling/operations located on the Banchina di Riva. Approximately 450,000t of cargo loaded/discharged and 5,000 passengers are handled annually.

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