Valletta (MTMLA)

Port Code MTMLA City Valletta
Port Name Valletta Country/Region Malta
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Valletta (MTMLA)



      The capital and political and economic center of Malta. It is the largest port in China, an important international air route station and a famous European cultural city. On the northeast coast of the island of Malta. The population is about 7100 (2004). Located at the top of the narrow peninsula, between the two natural harbors, the urban area is at the foot of the shebelas mountain, and the market is arranged in a grid. It was built in 1566. It was occupied by the French in 1798, by the British in 1800, and by the British naval base in the Mediterranean after 1814. It was badly damaged in the Second World War. Post war restoration. After its independence in 1964, Maltese was designated as the capital and the city was expanded. The naval base was converted into a commercial port. Shipbuilding and ship repair are well developed. It is one of the great entrepot trade centers in the Mediterranean.

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Summary of MTMLA

The Port of Valletta (Port Code: MTMLA) is a large-sized natural deep-water harbour located at West Mediterranean, in Malta at coordinates North 35° 53' 34.84" - East 014° 30' 54.18"., It extends for about 3.6 kilometres inland. Its two-arm breakwater renders it a safe, all-weather port throughout the year, open on a 24-hour basis, although entrance may be restricted during strong Easterly winds. The Port of Valletta is a multi-purpose port equipped to offer a large spectrum of maritime services, including various cruise/ferry and cargo berths, specialized grain and cement silos, petroleum installations, bunkering facilities and also ship repair and building yards. It is the gateway to Malta’s capital, Valletta, handling more than half-a-million cruise passengers into the city.