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Valletta (MTMLA)

Valletta, South Eastern Region, Malta

Port Code MTMLA Port Name Valletta
City Valletta Country/Region Malta
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 35.893015 Longitude 14.51505
The Port of Valletta (Port Code: MTMLA) is a large-sized natural deep-water harbour located at West Mediterranean, in Malta at coordinates North 35° 53' 34.84" - East 014° 30' 54.18"., It extends for about 3.6 kilometres inland. Its two-arm breakwater renders it a safe, all-weather port throughout the year, open on a 24-hour basis, although entrance may be restricted during strong Easterly winds. The Port of Valletta is a multi-purpose port equipped to offer a large spectrum of maritime services, including various cruise/ferry and cargo berths, specialized grain and cement silos, petroleum installations, bunkering facilities and also ship repair and building yards. It is the gateway to Malta’s capital, Valletta, handling more than half-a-million cruise passengers into the city.

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