Ulsan (KRUSN)

Port Code KRUSN City Ulsan
Port Name Ulsan Country/Region Korea, South
Category Port City Route SOUTH KOREAN
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Ulsan (KRUSN)



      Korea Industrial Port. Located in Yushan Bay, Southeast of the Korean Peninsula, Southeast of the port city, near the sea of Japan. It is 40 nautical miles south to Pusan port, 60 nautical miles north to pusang port, 149 nautical miles north to Mohu port, 173 nautical miles south to Zhuwen port and 323 nautical miles north to Qingjin port of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The wind direction in the harbor is mostly northward. The southerly wind means the harbor has swells. It is foggy in June and July, with little influence of tides. The spring tide rises by 0.5m and the neap tide rises by 0.38M. The minimum depth of the approach channel is 11.3m. Yushan is the largest base of heavy chemical industry and shipbuilding industry in South Korea, and the port basically serves the industry. The main wharves of the port are distributed in the west coast of the Bay, and the dry cargo wharves are mainly in the north. There are six berths. The total length of the wharf line is 1550 meters, and the coastal water depth is 7.5-12.0 meters. It is mainly used for loading and unloading coal, automobiles, chemical fertilizer and general cargo. The refinery terminal and marine berth are located in the south of the West Bank of the harbor, with three marine berths, and the maximum mooring capacity is 250000 DWT oil tankers. In the late 1980s, the annual throughput of the port was more than 30 million tons. Yushan shipyard is located on the east coast of the bay. It is the largest shipyard in South Korea, covering an area of 720 hectares. There are 660 docks in the shipyard × ninety-two × It is 13.2 meters long and can build ships of one million tons. The annual shipbuilding capacity of the whole plant is 2 million tons.

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Summary of KRUSN

The Port of Ulsan (Port Code: KRUSN) is a port in South Korea, located in the city of Ulsan. Since its opening in 1963, Ulsan Port has grown to position of the largest industrial complex support port in Korea and currently handles the nation's third-largest quantity of goods. The handling of liquid cargo, including oil makes it an excellent port in the country, which serves as the driving force for the development of national economy as well as Ulsan regional economy. It has a berthing capacity for 96 ocean-going vessels alongside in Ulsan, handling a large amount of crude, petroleum products, containers and importing raw materials for the Onsan and Ulsan industrial complexes. Manufactured products are exported. The port continues to expand with the building of new facilities to handle the increasing volumes of cargo. There is a large Hyundai shipbuilding yard at Mipo, close north of the harbour.