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Tvoroyri (FOTVO)

Suouroy, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Port Code FOTVO Port Name Tvoroyri
City Suouroy Country/Region Denmark
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 61.53689 Longitude -6.6770265
The Port of Tvoroyri (port code:FOTVO) is a long fjord which offers natural shelter from the North Atlantic Ocean. The port has been an important fishing port for more than a century. It is situated on Suðuroy, the southernmost island of the Faroes. It consists of 2 harbours with a quay lineage of 317m. Depth ranging from 6,3m LAT to 10,3m LAT. The brand new 177m quayside with a depth of 10,3m LAT, located in the center of Tvøroyri, is well suited for cruiseships as well as cargoships visiting our beautiful island. The port has all modern facilities and is open 24/7, offering a wide range of services to ships, including Water supply, unloading of garbage, unloading of waste oil, provisions for ships, supplies, refueling of ship and small repairs.

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