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Turku Abo (FITKU)

Turku Abo, Southwest Finland Region, Finland

Port Code FITKU Port Name Turku Abo
City Turku Abo Country/Region Finland
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 60.4385 Longitude 22.22697
The Port of Turku (Port Code: FITKU) is a port located in the south-west of Finland, where the mainland meets the beginning of the Turku archipelago. The well protected harbor has a soft clay bottom. It is kept open throughout the year with the use of icebreakers. Sited within Finland's sixth largest city, the port principally handles traffic between Turku and the Swedish capital of Stockholm and the enclaved Åland. The port spans a wide area on the southern coastline of the city of Turku, from the mouth of the River Aura to the district of Pansio. For its strategic location at at the southwestern corner of Finland, it handles over four million tonnes of cargo and a corresponding four million passengers per year.

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