Tripoli Port (LYTIP)

Port Code LYTIP City Tripoli
Port Name TRIPOLI,LY Country/Region Libya
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Tripoli Port (LYTIP)


      Tripoli port (ly) is located in the northwest coast of Libya, on the south side of the Mediterranean Sea, is the largest port in Libya. The port is an ancient city with a history of more than 3000 years. It is an important trade center and strategic place in ancient times. It is now the capital of Libya and the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of the country. The transportation is mainly by highway, which can be connected with the national highway network. The main industries include food, cement, carpet, leather making, textile and chemical industry. The total output value of manufacturing industry accounts for more than half of the national output value. The port is about 27km away from the International Airport, and there are regular flights to all parts of the world.

      Tripoli (ly) has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The highest annual average temperature is about 26 ℃ in August and the lowest is about 12 ℃ in January. In summer, it is often attacked by dry hot wind from the southern Sahara desert. When there is no wind in summer, there will be a mirage outside Hong Kong. The annual average rainfall is about 500mm, which is a semi diurnal tidal harbor with little tidal rise.

      There are 20 main berths in Tripoli (ly) area, with a coastline of 3354m and a maximum water depth of 10m. The handling equipment includes various shore cranes, truck cranes, floating cranes, barges, tugs and roll on / roll off facilities, among which the maximum lifting capacity of floating crane is 200 tons. There are warehouses in the port area, covering an area of about 150000 square meters. There are lighthouse navigation aids in the channel of the port, with radar and reflectors on the lighthouse. It is easy and safe to enter the port under normal climate. Generally speaking, ships are navigable during the day. They are not allowed to enter Hong Kong after dark, except for special arrangements. The depth of the anchorage is 38 M. Founded in 1962, the Hong Kong free zone covers an area of 58000 square meters. The annual cargo throughput is about 6 million tons. The main export goods are oil, cement, wool, leather, rubber and fish products, while the import goods are mainly grain, machinery, building materials, transportation equipment and daily light industrial products. The main trade objects are Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Britain and Turkey.

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Summary of LYTIP

The Port of Tripoli, LY (Port Code: LYTIP) is the principal sea port in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. It is located at West Mediterranean in Libya at coordinates North 32° 53' 51.43" - East 013° 10' 46.22". It one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean. The port contains many cargo terminals, serving general cargo, bulk cargo and passengers, and is capable of handling many ships at once. The port also features a yacht club, and a fishing wharf.
Protected by two breakwaters of 2000 and 700 meters, the harbor covers about 300 hectares. About 600 huge vessels visited the Port of Tripoli each year until the end of Gaddafi regime. The port can accommodate vessels to 190 meters long with maximum draft of 10.7 meters.