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Tramandai (BRTRM)

Tramandai, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Port Code BRTRM Port Name Tramandai
City Tramandai Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Tramandai Port (Port Code: BRTRM) is a seaport located at East Coast of South America, in Brazil at coordinates South 29° 58' 54.65" - West 050° 08' 59.89". The port has 2 SBM buoys for discharging crude and loading/discharging petroleum products from the refinery, which has 4,500,000 bbls of storage on shore. Buoy No 1 (West) is 1.9nm offshore and can accommodate tankers of 105,000 tons. Buoy No 2 (East) is 3.7nm offshore and can accommodate tankers of 200,000 tons. Both berths have pipeline connected to storage tanks on shore. The port is windy, foggy in winter and autumn. In bad weather, the port is closed.
Approximately 150 vessels visit the port annually.

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