Townsville (AUTSV)

Port Code AUTSV City Townsville
Port Name Townsville Country/Region Australia QLD
Category Port City Route AUSTRALIA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Townsville (AUTSV)



      Australian commercial port. It is located in the South Bank of Ross small estuary, Cleveland Bay, Queensland, northeast of the country, Southeast of the port city, adjacent to the South Pacific coral sea. Cairns in the northwest and Mount Isa in the West; Outside the port, the sea route extends 430 nautical miles southeast to Glaston port, 172 nautical miles northwest to Cairns port, 662 nautical miles to Torres Strait and 3378 nautical miles to Hong Kong. The wharf in the harbor extends to the Northeast in the form of a jetty. The jetty in the East extends for a long time, and there is a short breakwater in the northwest southeast direction at the top, which embraces the waters in the harbor with the long breakwater in the West. There are more than nine intermediate berths in Hong Kong. The inner side of the East breakwater is No. 1 berth. The berthing length of the oil tanker is 274 meters and the water depth is 12.3 meters. There are three berths 247-256 meters long and 10-11.4 meters deep on the West Bank of Dongtu dyke. Berth 3 is a container berth with a 60 ton loading bridge; Berth 4 is used for vehicle loading and unloading and syrup loading and unloading, with the efficiency of 400 tons per hour; There are five berths along the three jetties to the west of the East breakwater. Berth 6 is 122 meters long and 8.3 meters deep, which is used for groceries; Berth 7 is 10.7m deep and 183m long. It is used for loading and unloading metal ores, with an efficiency of 1000 tons per hour; Berth No.8 is used for loading and unloading refrigerated goods, with a length of 218 meters and a water depth of 9.8 meters. Berth No.9 is used for the export of bulk sugar, with a length of 230 meters and a water depth of 10.2 meters; The water depth of berth No. 10 is only 7 meters. It is a vehicle loading and unloading berth. There are 206 hectares of 25 ton loading and unloading airport on the wharf. There is also a boat wharf in the mouth of the Rose River to the west of the West jetty.

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Summary of AUTSV

Port of Townsville (Port Code: AUTSV) is a government-owned Corporation and seaport in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Located south of the mouth of Ross Creek and north of the Ross River, it is the third largest seaport in Queensland after Port of Brisbane and the Port of Gladstone and the largest general cargo and container port in Northern Australia. Main shipping access is through Cleveland Bay.
More than 30 different commodity types are imported and exported through the port including mineral ores, fertiliser, concentrates, sugar and motor vehicles. Townsville is the leading port in Australia for exporting copper, zinc, lead and sugar. More than 20 shipping lines operate out of the Townsville Port, offering more 40 services and covering 136 ports around the world.