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Tottori (JPTOT)

Tottori, Tottori ken, Japan

Port Code JPTOT / JPTTJ Port Name Tottori
City Tottori Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 35.53677 Longitude 134.1948
Tottori Port (Port Code: JPTOT/JPTTJ) is a port located on the northern coastline of Honshu Island in Tottori Prefecture. It is situated at the mouth of the class A Sendai River.
The port is equipped with a 25-ton crane as well as two cargo terminals. It has continued to thrive with the opening of the fresh seafood market Karoichi, as well as the Tottori Karo Crab Aquarium, a facility where visitors can learn about crabs. The small port of Tottori, previously damaged by earthquake in 2000, now has earthquake resistant Berth No 1 to enable people to evacuate in the event of a large-scale earthquake, also ISPS compliant. The port is being developed as a distribution centre for the central and eastern parts of the Tottori area.

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