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Tomakomai (JPTMK)

Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan

Port Code JPTMK Port Name Tomakomai
City Tomakomai Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 42.63849 Longitude 141.6507
Tomakomai Port (Port Code: JPTMK) is a port situated on the southern coast of Hokkaido approximately 65km south of Sapporo. The port plays an important role as a distribution base for Hokkaido, handling the most cargo in northern Japan. There are two harbors. The large western harbour, Tomakomai Ko, which is protected by two breakwaters and provides almost 1,800,000m² of anchorage area in depths 14m to 9.0m, is divided into Honkoh area, Makomai area and Yufutsu area. The new eastern harbour, Tomakomai Higashi Ko with 11,000 ha of industrial area, is protected by three breakwaters.
The port is a "sea entrance" with excellent access to the Sapporo area. 19,825,500 tons of foreign trade and 77,191,700 tons of domestic trade are handled annually. It is also a busy ferry port carrying 860,000 passengers annually.

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