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Tolagnaro (MGTRO)

Tolagnaro, Anosy Region, Madagascar

Port Code MGTRO Port Name Tolagnaro
City Tolagnaro Country/Region Madagascar
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -25.034444 Longitude 46.993056
Tolagnaro port (previously Fort Dauphin) (port code:MGTRO) consists a small harbour and a large natural bay with safe anchorage for ocean going vessels to work cargo into lighters. This port lies on the southern end of the east coast of Madagascar. Currently, it has a rather run-down appearance. Cargoes handled include rice, maize and sisal. The new private port of Ehoala, 5km SW has mainly taken over all but small cargo vessel traffic from this port. Approx 11 vessels are handled annually. Approx 2,000t of maize, 2,500t of rice and 10,000t of sisal handled annually.

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