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Tokushima (JPTKS)

Tokushima, Tokushima ken, Japan

Port Code JPTKS Port Name Tokushima
City Tokushima Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 34.049955 Longitude 134.58265
Tokushima port (port code:JPTKS) has served as a major hub for maritime traffic connecting Shikoku to the Kansai area. Located in the eastern part of Shikoku Island, the prefecture of Tokushima was called "Awa" in old times. The Tokushima-Komatsushima Port consists of several port districts along the east coast of the prefecture from Tokushima City to Komatsushima City. Today, the Akaishi district of Komatsushima City has a large, 13-meter deep quay used by wood chip and bulk cargo ships. Next to it is a 10-meter deep quay used by container ships. These make the district a distribution base for international trade.

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