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Thurso (GBTHU)

Thurso, Scotland, United Kingdom

Port Code GBTHU / GBTHR Port Name Thurso
City Thurso Country/Region United Kingdom
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 58.5955 Longitude -3.5223
Thurso port (port code:GBTHU) functioned as an important Norse port, and later traded with ports throughout northern Europe until the 19th century. Situated at the mouth of the River Thurso, the harbour was established more than a thousand years ago, when Vikings used it as a port and fishing base. The name 'Thurso' comes from 'Thorsa', meaning 'Thor's River' in the Norse language.
During the 1200s the Scots evicted the Vikings from the Caithness area, but Thurso continued to develop as an important fishing port. By the 1850s a new harbour was being built at Scrabster, to the west of Thurso, thus reducing the importance of the river harbour. Nowadays Thurso Harbour is used by creel vessels and local pleasure craft and has recently had its light upgraded.

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