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Taranto (ITTAR)

Taranto, Pulia Region, Italy

Port Code ITTAR Port Name Taranto
City Taranto Country/Region Italy
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 40.48889 Longitude 17.18787
The Port of Taranto (Port Code: ITTAR) is a port serving Taranto, southeastern Italy. One of the first in Italy for goods traffic, it serves as the ideal hub for commercial traffic between Europe and the rest of the world and for short-haul domestic and Euro-Mediterranean traffic. Located on the northern coast of the gulf, it consists of a wide roadstead called Mar Grande and an inlet, Mar Piccolo. The port has three entrances, two of which are operational. Its management is entrusted to the Port Authority, which is based within the port. The port area covers 3,250,000 square meters and overall length of the quays is 9,995 meters.

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