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Tanjung Manis (MYTMP)

Tanjung Manis, Sarawak Negeri, Malaysia

Port Code MYTMP Port Name Tanjung Manis
City Tanjung Manis Country/Region Malaysia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 2.149722 Longitude 111.34972
Tanjung Manis port(Port Code: MYTMP) is located at latitude 2 ˚ 08’N longitude 111˚21’E at right side of Tanjung Sebubal along the upper north bank of the Rajang river. It situates only 30 km from the mouth of the Rajang river with draught of 11 metres, thus providing a safe berthing place for large ocean-going vessel.
Its strategic location, landforms and natural deep-water anchorage make TMP a vital hub for feeders and other mode of water carriers utilizing the Rajang waterways and also to attract mainline vessels to call at the proposed new container terminal at Selumit in the near future.The port offers an anchorage for vessels handling general cargo and containers but is used mainly for loading logs and timber products.

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