Tangier (MATNG)

Port Code MATNG City Tangier
Port Name Tangier Country/Region Morocco
Category Port City Route NORTH AFRICA
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Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Tangier (MATNG)



Port of Tangier, coordinates: -5o -47' -52' W, 35o 45' 50' N. Tangier Port is also a well-known free port, and the port situation is dangerous. The port area has a water depth of 5.8-9 meters and 5 piers. There are breakwaters outside the port. The port of Tangier exports not many commodities, mainly leather, cork, citrus, vegetables, canned fish, etc. The imported commodities are mainly grain and sugar.

Tangier is an ancient city and seaport in northern Morocco, the capital of the province of Tangier, and the largest tourist center in the country with a population of about 310,000. Tangier is located at the mouth of the Tangier Bay of the Strait of Gibraltar, at 35.7 degrees north latitude and 5.9 degrees west longitude. It is only 11 to 15 kilometers away from the Eurasian continent. It is located at the crossroads of world traffic. Ships entering the Mediterranean Sea from the east and the Atlantic Ocean from the west must pass or berth here. Ships on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean going north and south must also adjust their course here. The strategic position is very important and has always been a battleground for military strategists.

Climatic conditions

Tangier has a mild climate and is a typical Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in January is 16.2℃, the average temperature in August is 28.6℃, and the annual average temperature is 17.6℃. The annual precipitation is 735 mm, concentrated in November to January of the following year.


Tangier's commerce and financial industries have developed rapidly, and it is the center of Morocco's textile, handicraft, fishery and tourism industries. The main industrial and handicraft products are carpets, leather products, flour, canned fish, beverages, copper and pottery.

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Summary of MATNG

Tangier Port (Port Code: MATNG) is a port located at West Africa, Gibraltar in Morocco at coordinates North 35° 47' 16.80" - West 005° 47' 56.39". As one of the most technologically advanced, efficient and safest terminals in the world, it is the biggest port in Africa with handling capacities of 9 million containers, 7 million passengers, 700,000 trucks and the export of 1 million vehicles. The port consists of an industrial platform for 1100 companies representing an annual export business volume in 2020 of 8000 million EUR, operating in various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, food processing, logistics and textiles. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 283 meters. The maximum draught is 5.8 meters. The maximum Deadweight is 4200t.