Tamatave Port (MGTMT)

Port Code MGTMT / MGTMM City Tamatave
Port Name TAMATAVE Country/Region Madagascar
Category Port City Route EAST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Tamatave Port (MGTMT)


      Tamatave, also known as Toamasina port, is located in a small bay between Hastie and tanio on the eastern coast of the Republic of Madagascar. It is the largest port in Madagascar. It is on a small peninsula in the northeast, close to the Indian Ocean. Population 100000 (1982). Built in the early 19th century, it was rebuilt after being destroyed by a hurricane in 1927. There are large refineries, cement and pulp mills, as well as meat processing, automobile assembly, sugar and other industries. The modern port can berth 20000 DWT seagoing ships. More than half of the country's foreign trade materials, such as coffee, sugar, rice, essence, clove oil, wood and so on. The railway leads to the capital, Antananarivo. There is an air station. Founded in the 18th century, it is the distribution center of domestic agricultural and sideline products. Madagascar is rich in mineral resources, including mica, chromium, graphite, uranium and iron. The storage and output of graphite rank first in Africa, with an annual output of about 20000 tons. Its economy is dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry. Its food crops include rice, cassava, corn and potato, and rice is nearly self-sufficient. The economic crops include coffee, clove, sisal, sugarcane, peanut and cotton. The output and export volume of clove rank first in the world. Madagascar is rich in Hump cattle. It is one of the seven African countries with 10 million cattle. Because the number of cattle on hand exceeds the population of the country, it is known as the "country of cattle". The main industries of the port include oil refining, cement, pulp, automobile assembly, meat processing and sugar making. There is a railway to the capital, tanarivo. The port has an international airport, which can fly to Europe, Africa and other countries.

      The climate of this port is tropical rain forest, with West and southwest Phoenix prevailing in the morning and South West Wind prevailing in the afternoon. The annual average temperature is 30 ℃ in January and 18 ℃ in July. The annual average rainfall is about 3200 mm, and the rainy season is from November to next March. The maximum tide height is about LM.

      There are five main berths in the port area, with a coastline of 1020m long and a maximum water depth of 10m. The handling equipment includes various shore cranes, electric cranes, mobile cranes, loaders, belt conveyors and tugs. The maximum lifting capacity of the mobile crane is 45 tons, and the maximum power of the tug is 1240kw. There are warehouses in the port area, covering an area of 27000 square meters. The largest reliable tanker of 50000 DWT in Hong Kong. The annual cargo handling capacity is about 5 million tons. The main export goods are coffee, cloves, graphite, fish products, mica, chrome ore, sisal, peanuts and sugarcane, while the import goods are machinery, oil, vehicles, drugs, rice and daily consumer goods. In holidays, loading and unloading work is not arranged, but it can be arranged every other day, and a written application must be submitted.

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Summary of MGTMT

Tamatave port (Port Code: MGTMT) is an important seaport in Madagascar. Tamatave is a hot, dusty and chaotic town full of decaying colonial buildings, roadside markets and throngs of pousse-pousse carts. The focus is on business, not tourism, except as an important transit point.
Tamatave Autonomous Port is a Malagasy government body that governs and regulates the Indian Ocean port of Toamasina. The operation of the port has been contracted to Madagascar International Container Terminal Services (MICTS), a subsidiary of Filipino company International Container Terminal Services Inc. Toamasina is Madagascar's primary cargo port.