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Tacoma,WA (USTIW)

Tacoma, Washington, USA

Port Code USTIW / USACI Port Name Tacoma,WA
City Tacoma Country/Region USA WA
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude 47.333333333333336 Longitude -122.33333333333333
The Port of Tacoma (Port Code: USTIW) is an independent and pricipal seaport located in Tacoma, Washington. It is among the largest deep-water container ports in North America. More than 70% of its international cargo emanates from or is delivered to the central and eastern parts of the U.S. The Port also handles about 80% of the marine cargo between Alaska and the Lower 48 states. The port plays a large international trade role in the Pacific Northwest, and is a municipal corporation that operates under state-enabling legislation. The port's marine cargo operations, among the largest in the United States, was merged with the Port of Seattle's in 2015 to form the Northwest Seaport Alliance.

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