Suao (TWSUO)

Port Code TWSUO City Yilan County
Port Name Suao Country/Region Taiwan,China
Category Port Route TAIWAN
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Suao (TWSUO)



      Suao port is located in suao Bay, which is on the edge of mountains in the south of Ilan plain, Taiwan Province. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The bay mouth is open to the southeast, and there are small arc-shaped peninsulas on the left and right to embrace the bay. The northern Bay is in the north, and the southern Bay is in the south. It is like two big claws of a crab, which is far away from the mountains. In the T-shaped harbor, fishing boats radiate and masts stand in great numbers. When the night falls, fishing boats sing late, spark spot, intoxicating, as early as Lanyang one of the eight (Su Ao mirage).

      The land area of suao port area is about 900000 square meters, and the water area is 284000 square meters; The channel in the port area is 24 meters deep and can accommodate 80000 tons of ships; The water depth of each main channel in the port area is 10-15m; The total Berthing Energy of ships in the port area is 16; The anchorage area is 560000 square meters, which can hold 3 ships; There are 13 wharves with a length of 2610 meters, which can hold 13 ships; There are 6 cranes, 8 stackers and 6 tugs. The main transport goods of the port are relatively concentrated, with coal as the main import and cement as the main export. In 2002, there were 687 incoming ships and 687 outgoing ships, totaling 1354; The gross tonnage of incoming ships is 5.76 million tons, and that of outgoing ships is 5.74 million tons, totaling 11.5 million tons; The cargo throughput is 5.31 million tons, and the cargo handling capacity is 5.56 million tons.

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